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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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In These Last Days EP (2005)
In These Last Days LP (2006)
Operation I Rappy Freedom (single) (2007)
Hi Tech Preach (2008)
I Know (single) (2009)
Radio Activate (2010)


Feeling a bit camera shy


TMG’s hard-hitting dancecore flavors will throw you into a full body rush as all the adrenaline in your system kicks in and you start pounding the dance floor. Driven by lush melodies, hammering beats, heavy muscle and full-charged energy, TMG’s work is the definition of great dance music. TMG pours heavy songwriting talent into the creation of tracks so that it’s more than mere dance beats and melodies – these are truly well-written songs.


TMG says music is all about stirring you up, finding the energy in life. “Amped and excited” is how TMG describes music’s effect and TMG writes music that has that effect on listeners. TMG’s songcraft generates enough energy to light a whole city – or, in this case, get a whole dance floor shaking with hot-bodied, unstoppable dancers. It’s a big treat for the ears and salve for the spirit. It’s impossible not to feel happy around the vibes of TMG.


TMG has ambition. TMG also has talent. The combination is deadly and a meteoric rise is in the cards for TMG, who won’t back down until achieving all of the artist’s set goals. “I was born into this world to be one of the greatest musicians of my time.” Big words, and without the ability and the drive to back it up, they’d be futile words. But in the hands of TMG, music is a thing alive and potent and only the best lines the hallways of TMG’s future. Guaranteed.

Beauty All Over

There is beauty to be found in many places and TMG embraces them all. Whatever stands as beautiful in the world stands to be used as inspiration in the crafting of TMG’s music. TMG is especially driven by a love of metal and beautiful women, embracing the aesthetic beauty of music and the sultry beauty of the female form. TMG loves life and it shines through in every song.

Hard Work

TMG’s endeavors have earned 800,000 MySpace song plays and touring is on the horizon. New music pours out of TMG’s creative process every day and this artist will frequently be found recording the dancecore sound that’s bound to sweep the world. This young, self-produced musician is starbound.