BandHip HopSoul

The illest of the ill the rawest of the raw classic and underground hip hop for true heads who love the hip hop culture and are sick of hearing watered down fabricated commercial rap i provide the sounds of the early years of hip hop as well as up and coming and local artists


Born and raised in chicago. Dj Trec comes from a musical family his father happens to be a drummer and 4 other siblings who are all dj's so growing up he was exposed to different genres of music such as hip hop,rock,funk,soul,disco,house etc. His name Dj Trec pronounced ("trek") comes from his old graffitti name from his days as a graffitti writer so it's DJ TREC and as he explains it he takes journeys through sound.Dj Trec started djing and diggin in 1993, in 2004 he was introduced to the mpc 2000 and has been making beats ever since trying to bring something new to the world of hip hop and the music world in general with his experimental instrumentals blending all genres in his productions. Influences include of course his family,bdp,pete rock,dj muggs,roy ayers,ahmad jamal,james brown,dj premier,madlib,j dilla,the doors,led zepplin etc.


Currently working on a compilation with local underground artists from chicago but some of his music is currently streaming on myspace and mixes on xtreamist and he has been frequently djing at local radio stations WHPK and WRTE.

Set List

my typical set list consits of classic and unerground hip hop the likes of eric b and rakim,all natural,beatnuts,cypress hill,schooly d,common etc i also like to blend the samples that were used in some tracks. A typical set for me could last anywhere from 1 hour to 6 i could go ALL NIGHT.