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DJ Triston @ Valti Fest

Amsetrdam, None, Netherlands

Amsetrdam, None, Netherlands

DJ Triston @ kazantip

None, None, Portugal

None, None, Portugal

DJ Triston @ Griboffka

None, None, Ukraine

None, None, Ukraine


The best kept secret in music




Lost With You DJ Triston vs Dave-PL Self-released Soon to be released
When lights go on DJ Triston vs Dave-PL Ft. Andrey Alexandrin
Ger Record label Soon to be released
(Extended and Radio version)
Magic DJ Triston & Walterz Self-released 2012-02
Robotic Insurrection DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-07
Lick me Up DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-07
Shock Yourself DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-06
Warp Mind Travel DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-05
Tough But Delicious DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-04
From Zero 2 Hero DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-03
Silence with a Bang DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-02
Electronic Minefield DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-01
Entering at Daylight DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Self-released 2009-01

Butterfly Wing DJ Triston vs. Guus v/d Wal Self-released 2005-09
Jungle Journe DJ Triston vs. Guus v/d Wal Self-released 2005-08
Unselfish DJ Triston vs. Guus v/d Wal Self-released 2005-06
Fair Game DJ Triston vs. Guus v/d Wal Self-released 2005-05
Mind Crash DJ Triston vs. Guus v/d Wal Self-released 2005-03


Just Live Johhny Beast Ft. Sherry Bright Zmey Records Soon to be released
(DJ Triston vs Dave-PL remix)
Quillroader Sydney Sundown Cloud9 2009-01
(DJ Triston vs Dave-PL remix)
Fast Distance & Fictive Sequence Cloud9 2008-10
Static Blue (DJ Triston vs Dave-PL remix)


Thrill-Seeker DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL Thrill-seeker 2009-07
(Mixed by Dj Triston)

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Biography DJ Triston


DJ Triston is born in the Netherlands and lives in Amsterdam. After finishing his studies Triston started as a DJ in the 90’s. Driven by his enthusiasm he started to perform at festivals and clubs. DJ Triston has broadened his horizons and successfully became an international DJ and producer.
He performed on various underground as well as main stages together with dutch top DJ’s such as Fedde le Grand and Tie¨sto.
DJ Triston selects the best sounds and tunes from various styles including Progressive, Tech, Dutch and Vocal House and blends them together a seamless harmony which truly characterizes the Triston sound. He uses his passion to take the crowd on a journey into beats and melodies.


DJ Triston has produced music from 2003 to 2005 for the Dutch record label Air Mass Music. All changed after he met the talented Dave-PL. They became good friends and business partners. In 2005 DJ Triston and Dave-PL resigned from Air Mass Music and they started to produce music independently of any record label.
DJ Triston and Dave-PL had track- and remix releases on the famous Dutch Cloud9 record label, which also works closely with the Dutch DJ / Producer Armin van Buuren. DJ Triston and Dave-PL produced, for example, an 8 Track album for the Dutch platform Thrill- Seeker, a remix of a track from the Eurovision Song Contest with vocals from a rising Russian Musical star, a track Anthem for the Chinese Porsche Racing Team 2007, All which was downloaded over 433,000 times consistently the racing season, and much more.
In 2012 the winning DJ Triston vs Dave-PL remix of the A-Zov fest contest AND their brand new track with vocals from singer / song writer Andrey Alexandrin shall be released on the Russian record label: Gert records.
Though DJ Triston and Dave-PL are focusing on house and dance music, they are fond of producing music for Films, TV commercials, gaming industry or other events.

Top Gigs

Club Catamaran is the World’s Biggest and only floating Night Club in the world with a capacity up to 5000 people. DJ Triston performed several summers on this mega party Catamaran and did live radio shows for Dutch Radio Rotterdam.
DJ Triston performed many nights at Club New Point, located in the center of Istanbul. Every night 4500 exited party people danced all night long while Triston provided them with fabulous parties.
Xizhongdao Island Beach Festival:
DJ Triston became the first foreigner ever that performed five nights at this incredible festival on the beach. This became the starting point of his tour around China for performances in different metropolises such as Dalian, Beijing with the most excellent clubs.
Club Babyface is a famous chain of beautiful nightclubs in China with presence in major cities including Shanghai, DJ Triston loved to Perform there.
The China Doll club was founded by award winning actress/producer Ai Wan and was designed by Wu Ying and opened in 2006. DJ Triston performed there with the famous Chinese Radio and Club DJ Youdai.
DJ Triston is invited to perform on A-Zov fest this summer of 2012. Located near the A-Zov sea,
there is an international annual festival for electronic music and extreme sports. The A-Zov Fest hosts 250 of the best DJ’s in the world which are invited to perform on seven incredible stages from 23th to 29th of July.
Of the many submissions of remixes from producers of all over Western and Eastern Europe, DJ Triston and Dave-PL won the A-Zov remix contest of the festival anthem track.
DJ Triston and Dave-PL became resident DJ / Producers on the Russian record label Zmey Records
DJ Triston is invited to perform on the Summer Sound Griboffka International Music Fest for two days next to the dutch top djs Chuckie and Richard Durand.
DJ Triston is invited to perform on kaZantip Portugal. After winning the kaZantip contest he became Resident DJ of this mega festival.
Netherlands, Amsterdam
DJ Triston is invited on Valtifest, which is a major festival that is organized by MTV and Meubel
Stukken. While located on a beautiful industrial area, Valtifest is a create outburst of dance/pop music and art.


DJ Triston vs. Dave-PL won the A-Zov remix contest of the festival anthem track.
DJ Triston won the kaZantip contest and become Resident DJ of kaZantip Festival


DJ Triston works or has worked with the following brands:
Worldwide selling company of Athlete's Energy Drink.
Worldwide selling company that makes Headphones, Earbuds & Gaming Headsets
Dutch platform import and resale of multimedia and sporting goods within the European market.
Media Markt
Worldwide selling company of multimedia electrical devices, gaming and many more.
Blades Eyewear
By two Dutch designers originated on the streets of Europe comes Blades Eyewear, now manuf