dj triumph

dj triumph

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I have loved music all my life . When I was 13 years old my mother bought me my first turntable from a garage sale .The turntable was like a pancake platter ,but i practiced every day and that year on my birthday i got my first technics 1200.I was AMAZED with the difference in play between the tables. I would have music on my mind every day even in school , i actually deejayed all the school parties . I worked hard and eventually had the full system. two technics vestax mixer , ortofon needles.By the age of 19 i started to get into production .I purchased the mpc 2000xl and pretty much stayed inside until i got the hang of it . I now create my own remixes and help many artist with ground breaking productions.


Priceless pros 2000
best of r kelly : 2001
best of nore: 2002
Ny house and underground:2003
world music ibiza:2004
Spanish dance reggaeton:2005
House hits:2006
Classic break dance :2007
vocal house:2008
Hip hop radio:2009
Hip hop radio 2:2010
dubstep feat skrillex:2013
co highway feat french montana:2013