DJ Wolf

DJ Wolf


DJ Wolf is a band that aims to represent every aspect of life through music.


Your bladder can be burning, full of acidic urine, but you won’t leave if this band is on. You can crave a cigarette until your hands shake and you start sweating, but you won’t dare step outside and miss a single note of this band. They’re the kind of group that will humbly step up to the stage for the love of playing music, but will command silence from the audience because everyone is so enraptured by the magical tunes emanating from each and every talented musician.

But DJ Wolf is more than a band; they’re an idea, an attitude, a way of life. To live DJ Wolf is to be understanding of all aspects of life, to put others before yourself, to do what you love to do to, be it art, work, or watching TV.

It would in no way be presumptuous to describe DJ Wolf as a modern day Pink Floyd. They are four artists chasing their dream and changing narrow mindsets one song, one show, one experience at a time. Step in and allow the contagious melodies and the pure love of both art and life to catch and forever change the way you view bands and people. That’s what DJ Wolf does; that’s what DJ Wolf is.


DJ Wolf has distributed numerous copies of self produced albums on the University of North Texas campus in Denton, Texas and in surrounding areas.

Set List

Intro + Jordan River
Peter and the Wolf
Big Times
Get It Started
To The End
Awake All Winter
Drop Away
All These People
Music Disection
Wishing Well
Kid Pinch

A DJ Wolf set will typically last 45 minutes to an hour.