DJ Yamin

DJ Yamin

BandEDMHip Hop

DJ Yamin is multi-talented artist/deejay/producer who has been playing music since he was a wee lad. His blend of Funk/Hip-Hop/Electronic/World and Reggae music shows his diversity in taste and styles and how he manages to blend them all is a sight and sound to absorb!


DJ Yamin likes all things funky! From the sounds in his ears all the way down to his draws! But he takes his music very seriously though. When he's Deejaying, the importance of feeling the crowd is just as important to him as expressing himself geniunly through his own music. What sets DJ Yamin apart from other musicians is his vast knowledge of many different musical styles from Electronic to Latin to Soul etc. His influences range from Luke Vibert to Sly Stone to Eric B. & Rakim. The list goes on......


Production credits: 5Finger Breaks vol. 1/Politics of Experience/Morplay/Coriander/Freestlye Blues/Shalom/Moosaka/B-Side/Peace of Mind

Turntable Mixes: Most High V.1/Most High V.2/Live at The Appliance of Science 2-2-02/Thank Funk it's Friday