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Money, materialism and addiction. These vice's motivated and influenced my life for years. Until one day I came to the end of the road and realized I had nothing to live for.

What was there to gain if I had all the money in the world but still couldnt buy love? So what if I had cars, rims, gold and clothes! None of my material possesions could cover my fears and insecurities. The fast-life and drugs couldn't promise me a future, nor could it give me peace, security and the love my soul was desperatly seeking.

That was me then, and maybe its you now. Fortunatley for both of us God sacrificied his only exact likeness, Jesus, so we could have a second chance. God, who is the essence of all things, gave up EVERYTHING so you could die to your old life of darkness and live in the light of truth through his Son Jesus.

I am now loved and understood. The worries of my old life have become distant memories. I now know the meaning of life and have been given the strength to overcome the bondage I was once unable to resist. I AM A NEW PERSON. Nowadays I model my life around this wonderful experience given to me by my saviour, Jesus. And I'm here to share it with you!

My life was at a CROSSROAD. I chose the path of life, love and peace. I abandoned the path of death, hate, and conflict.

The question now remains: WHAT PATH ARE YOU CHOOSING TO FOLLOW?

Your at The CROSSROAD. Choose the path of life....

-Mr. D.K.

Its not about the music. The music is about Him.


I love My Savior

Written By: DK

I said I love my savior he hung his head and died
That night on Calvary so I could be free
Repeat 3 xs
Love is patient love is kind
Love from the heart is one of a kind
It dose not boast not easily provoked
It sticks close like butter and toast
It finds no joy in doing wrong
But rejoice in the truth in the light
Cause the mind to do things right
Like trust the lord with all of your might
See love not selfish not quick to anger
But takes time out to help a stranger
L-o-v-e bears all things believes all things
Hopes all things no matter situation endures all things
Love covers a multitude of sin
Cuz love never ends
Man love never ends.

Chorus 2x

If I was wise and I knew all things
If I was a prophet and could predicate all things
If I could tell of things that was yet to come
But with out love man it ain’t worth none
If I could move them mountains and calm them seas
If I could see as far as the eye could see
If I could change the world with a blink eye
But wit out love man I wouldn’t survive
If I had money and could feed the poor
If I was teacher and could teach the world
If I spread the word lead people to the lord
But with out love I’ll miles had been rotten to core
Cuz God is love can’t you see
Gave his only son just for me
But not just me for you and all
For who for you and all

Chorus 2x

That true love to give his only son
Unconditional love from up above
See the will of God man it got to be love
The strength and the power it’s all in the love
Everything that you need its all in love
The reason that he died it’s all in the love
The reason that he raised it’s all in the love
So when we preach man it got to be in love
Cuz if not no power it ani’t worth none
See love is the reason why I rap like I do
Love is my anchor and my way maker
Love the life changer it aint none greater
See every thing eventually a pass away
But that true love always remains
It’s the stronghold through the trouble in the pain
It’s the sunshine in the middle of the rain.

Chorus 4x

One God

Written By: DK & Puncho AKA Caveat


I rap for the g to the o d
He don't flee he stays with me
He’s the most high can't you see
deliver salvation guarantee
Jehovah jira eyes like fire
my provider he's no liar
Every round goes higher and higher
Jesus Christ your hearts desires
No playing anit no gamin
66's shooter it's what we aiming
To take over the streets it's what we clamming
That good news truth is what we proclaim
Matthew mark Luke and john
Acts to revelations should go on
Lay hands on praise goes on
Put your hands up if your sprit is on

Puncho aka Caveat
Chorus My God, My God, One God One Squad

Mr. DK

Sing to him a song of praise
He’s my god and him I’ll praise
As long as I live I will praise
Praise the father praise the son
Praise him cuz he the one
Begging and the end alpha omega
Jesus man our Lord and savior
Precious flow white as snow
Nothing but the blood that makes us whole
On the role the Holy Ghost stroll
Let my self go put God in control
Create in me a brand new heart
Create in me a fresh new start
Lord just let me play my part
Cuz all praise go to you my King

Puncho aka Caveat
Chorus My God, My God, One God One Squad

Puncho aka Caveat

Yall aint never heard a rap track like that
Have them hurting like that, converting them like that.
Know wax like Christ no facts.
Turn back cause we never relax.
They keep rapping bout trees and weed sacks.
We keep rapping bout God coming back.
He light paths, I write raps, naturally we co lab.
Like the saints in the books of acts.
And if you listen I witness who God is.
Turned my logic and heart from darkness.
Got a pardon from Yeshua Emanuel.
Saved from the lions and fire like Daniel, he
Never fatigues, unlikely to fail.
Shouldn’t spread God’s word through rap?
I cant tell.
We one cause one provided a Son
John: 1 verse 1, before time begun
He’s one there’s none, like him to come.
Live life like Christ I’m nice and then some
I believe one God, need one squad, and believe my God can surpass all odds.


Written By: DK ft Reason & D-Bishop

Jesus sees us as being redeemed under God
Through He being Jesus through the sacrifice of his flesh freed us from the slavery of Egypt and death to believe what..? Jehovah said. Allow him to lead us from what and where we were to a place where he needs us to be cuz He’s just God and that’s just how because He was and is and is to come. Understand? Who’s the Man, I Am the One. Not me but I Am. Understand? (uh huh) Okay, well that settle’s it. That’s that and that’s what I just said it is, the rest is irrelevant. And if you ever get, feeling like an alien travailing and prevailing when, just remember this: in sin; yes you was then came Yeshua holy lamb shed his blood. If you with him get em up!

Mr. DK
The Modern day rocky I got demons on my heals
They be plot in trying to kill red our blue pill
Make your chain chill deal or no deal
I be yelling no deal my savior so real
And money can’t buy this new ride
Im headed to the sky my mind focus on the prize
I aint settle for lie ain’t fall for the bribe
Of being famous like your boy Amos
I chose to change and let the lord rearrange it
He put me on time to guide my life
He made me right to break the mold
Jesus Christ he save my soul
By his strips I been made whole
Poker face on and I gota full boat
And I can’t fold he’s been so bold
So all in go cuz I know that I know.

Yo we’re fully equipped with the sword of the spirit it aint us but the power within writing the lyrics. You fear it don’t want to hear it but the word is real. I know how ya feel, ya caught up in a mass appeal. cards you deal always the same you better shuffle. Without Christ the fame is a constant struggle. Pain is doubled you see nothing but trouble until you place ya bed on the Rock, like Barney Rubble. Ya might stumble. But He’ll never let you fall. You’ll be like Dewayne Johnson , walking tall. Listen yall, times runnin papper thin besides why waist time let ya life begin. Give it to him, the undisputed champion. Be down with the King like Reverend Run. You didn’t know? He’s my road dog like Billy Gun. New age outlaw from the blood of his son.

Mr. DK:
I’m back now ready for war now
Soldiers for Christ come on put it up now
See I had to change to get the gain
Had to get off the boat so I could walk on water
Had to change the scene to get my life in order
See the games over I’m that anointed soldier
Yes Jesus the Christ got me ready for the fight
I know his words is true so I abide in him
And he abide in me so im as good as can be
See my enemies no worry cuz vengeance is his
See they try to talk me down but I turn the other cheek
Drag my name through the dirt but I always seem to rise
See the devil he be hatin but the lords on my side
See his love and his mercy is the reason why I rise
See he sits high but he looks low and it’s nothing that he don’t know
See my path been laid and gold and paved
Brought with blood that Jesus paid
The perfect gift I’ll never trade
The rock foundation strongly made
None can break it none can fade it
The faith that I have the reason I’m glad
The power I needed to straighten the path
Set go ready now devil gota flee now
Holly Ghost in the building if you with him put them up

Im Not Going Back

Written By: DK

Chorus x2
I’m not going back im going stay on track
I'm gona run this race until my day is over
Until the sun comes until his glory done
And that’s forever cuz he goin rein forever.

We can't go back cuz the lord got our back
Whether its selling drugs or smoking the crack
Or gambling putting those stacks on black
We gota change cuz it's nothing that the Christ don’t lack
A matter fact he is just that he is
A lawyer a banker your lord and savior
He’s not a stranger he shields you from danger
Born in a manger but die and exchanger
Jesus man my personal savior
My rock and my anchor he's the sin breaker
Sin felt good but God is great
Thanks for the mercy and thanks for the grace
He fought the good fight to give me a clean slate
He’s first in my life and now I’m headed strait
In a different mind set he's return I await

Chorus x2

How can we go back and turn on the Christ
Don’t you know on a Friday he gave his life
And then on a Sunday he stood upright
With all power in his hand salvation for man
For me and you fulfilled divine plans
And planted a seed for us to succeed
Show us and the way and the path so we could be free
And he plead to the father so he would agree
Yes his words is true sealed guarantee
So yes a celebration hey jubilee
Build it on the rock so you know you believe
Jesus the Christ is all that you need
Forget the world cuz that can't hold you
When you down and out the wont console you
So ride wit your crew then die wit your crew
Cuz wit out the Christ man for sure yall be through

Lord I look to you
Show me where to go
Holding your hand
I’ll never let go
Thank you for you love
And for your grace
Thank you for the strength
To run this race
Praise your name
Lord I praise your name
Every day the same
Gona run this race
Always be grateful
You gave your only son
Until the son
And your glory comes



1. Intro- Mr. DK
2. Good to Me
3. I'm Not Going Back
4. Comforter
5. I Love My Savior
6. Pre Fight
7. Hands UP
8. Call Upon Him
9. Jesus Will Always LOve You
10. Question
11. My Everything
12. One GOD
13. In Jesus Name
14. King of Kings
15. Kings Kids
16. Calling You
17. Hold My Peace