Begin with a catchy indie rock sound, add a dash of hardcore, spice it up with classic metal, and mash it together with thrash metal drum beats. This is D.K.C.


We're a band that stands for one thing: Rock.
We're just a bunch of college guys from the VISIBLE SCHOOL of music who put together this little band. The influences of each member range from thrashing metal, to classic metal, to hard rock, to indie rock.

Our name, Dumb Kids Class, comes from the music theory class we were in at VISIBLE SCHOOL in the 2004-2005 term. We were the class that didn't quite catch onto music theory as well as the other students (though we rocked harder). However, despite being the "dumb" class, we were still able to overcome our shortcomings. Our band name pays tribute to our learning experience in that class.

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Wake Me Up (demo, single)