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DL5 music are mix of Pop, Rap, Soul, Raggae, Rock and Hiphop. They put a little taste of everything in each album, and that make it interesting to those who like variety of music.


DL5 are three brothers and two cousins. The band was formed in 1986 in Tonga. The band were known by different names around the pacific before they moved to the States. These talented musicians traveled from place to place in trying to make their dreams happen. They played in clubs, festivals, hotels, ect around the south pacific. In 1990 they sacrifice all they have, to move to the States and hoping to fulfill their dreams. In 2005 to 2006 They came up with new name DL5 is stands for "Dateline"it represent their home and country, and five is the original members of the band. DL5 recorded and produced 60 songs of their own. 2 albums was released by Outstanding Records in L.A. and their new album call "Give it all up" is gonna be in store this summer 2006. Now they are holding on to that dream that brought them here to the U.S.A
The band influenced by many artist including "Prince, Zapp ect. The reason we think we re set apart from other bands, is that we mixed reggae, pop, rap, hiphop,soul,funk, rock in each album a little taste of everything. Our goal is to make our dream a reality.


Outstanding Records in L.A released 1st album"Let's get funky" 2nd album" Style and groove" 3rd and 4th album "Give it all up" in store this summer 2006.

Set List

DL5 set list:* 3 sets for 3hr show.
* Each set have 10-15 songs
* and 1hr each set.
Song List:
1. My kinda city
2. Jump'in
3. Get down
4. Give it all up
5. Rain
6. Let's get funky
7. I'll be there
8. Style & Groove
9. Come & take a ride
10. Rock this party
11. Stedy'in rock'in
12. The only one
13. Rythm don't stop
14. Rescue me
15. Don't mess with the best

1. My hero
2. Ain't over u
3. Erotic girl
4. Lets get it on
5. My girl