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Flower Mound, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Flower Mound, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Hip Hop




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D’Lannie loves music and dance and started performing at the age of 5 at Rhythm Nations dance and music studio in the Dallas/Fort worth area.  D’Lannie’s music influences have been: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Pink, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.  Her style of music and her love of Pop, Hip Hop and Soul has stemmed from a mixture of the artist mentioned.  Her style in music and clothing has kept her true to her passion when she is performing on stage.  She started performing in small shows as a solo artist in her local area, but gained some momentum after attending “Talent Rock” in Las Vegas at the age of 13.  After being noticed by a few music executives in the industry,D’Lannie started interviewing with different agencies to further her music career.  In the process she met John De Grazio who was a Talent scout that attended Talent Rock.  Mr. De Grazio introduced her to Jason Davis, President and CEO of Fahrenheit Media Group.  After meeting with Mr. Davis and taking direction on how to proceed in her career, D’Lannie was came back home and work very hard on her music and her image.  In the process D’Lannie recorded some songs produced by Roy (Royalty) Hamilton and his brother Raphael Hamilton (Riff Raff).  The songs started gaining D’Lannie some recognition in the music industry, D’Lannie started to create a fan base throughout the United States.   After a short period of time D’Lannieand Raphael Hamilton (Riff Raff) started working very closely together and teamed up to write and produce the “Pink Guitar Album”.  The album had some great music that caught the ear of producers and Remixers Dan Mathews and Sam Michaels of “Klubjumpers”.  D’Lannie and Klubjumpers  teamed together to produce some remixes off her “Pink Guitar” Album and the chemistry between the three just sparked from there and has not stopped ever since.  D’Lannie and Klubjumpers have worked closely to achieve all the wonderful club mixes being heard in the club circut today.  Klubjumpers was very instrumental in introducing D’Lannie to Music executive Jason Dauman of Dauman Music.  Mr Dauman approached D’Lannie to do a remix of the 1980’s hit “I Heard a Rumor” by Bananarama.  D’Lannie was thrilled to be involved in the project and worked very closely with producer Raphael Hamilton (Riff Raff) and Klubjumpers who did the first remix.   Other remixes were also created by well known remixers  Dave Matthias and Rod Carrillo.  The remixes were a huge success and have played throughout the United States and the UK.  The “I Heard a Rumor” remix has charted in certain parts of the United States andD’Lannie has made Top 100 artists on Perfect Beat for 2009.  After finishing this project, D’Lannie did a remix of her song “Cotton Candy” with well known rapper Silk Ski, member of the rap group Wu Tan Clan.  The remix was done by Klubjumpers and D’lannie said she was very excited to have Silk Ski on the track because she is a HUGE fan of rap music! 

After finishing these projects, D’Lannie joined forces again with music executive Jason Davis to work on the next phase of her career.  Presently she just recorded some songs with “ The Jam Music Group” out of Los Angeles and is excited about promoting her new music.

D’Lannie has always been true to herself and to what she believes in and wants her fans to relate to her music.  I write and perform all my songs for my fans, “says D’Lannie”.  Some of my songs are written for  those people that have been made to feel peer pressure and have been bullied in school for no reason.  I know how that feels, “says D’Lannie.  I was not always the skinest or the prettiest and boy did I suffer for it!   Just remember no matter what anyone says or does,  do not ever give up on your dream.  It is up to you to keep it alive and everything is possible.  Strive to be the best and don’t worry about what other people think.

I will never stop dancing in the mirror “ says D’Lannie”  I am very excited to be working towards my dream and see where it takes me.

And  remember guys, living up to people’s standards on how you should look and act is a fulltime job in school, so don’t worry so much about that.  Live your life, have fun and persure your dreams.

Love D’Lannie 

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