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"D-Light: A Pioneer Of Orlando Hip-Hop"

What made you decide that music was something you wanted to pursue and when did you begin pursuing it?

I have always loved music...from R&B to Pop to Rock, and of course hip-hop...I like writing poetry growing up, also singing and performing such as acting. The one person that really made me want to take rapping serious was 2Pac...the passion that he had in his music let me know that hip-hop could be a powerful way to get out what I wanted to say to the world...I knew I had a lot to offer, hip-hop helped me find my voice.

While pursuing your music career what were some of the hard times you went through and discouragements/encouragements you heard along the way?

wow...I feel like I could go on for days with this one...setbacks are a big part of life, and music is no exception...from so called management deals that fell through, to meeting with A&Rs that showed interest but never called back, to groups falling apart, etc...I have kind of seen it all in this business...I have been blessed to have some great people in the my life that have supported me, so I can't say that it has been all disappointments...of course I have gone through the Eminem comparisons and just being a white MC trying to make it in genre that is primarily urban, black music....then you go through the everyday hardships such as financial struggles that make the music a lot harder to pursue...I think I will leave it at that before this subject dominates the whole interview!

What were some of your struggles in life in general?

Of course like I said, financial hardships...growing up not having much, struggling to finish my education (I earned a Masters degree in 10/07), run-ins with the law, seeing my parents get divorced, deaths in the family, getting evicted, bad relationships, being an outcast in school when I was young, I could go on and on...I try not to focus on the hard times though, they made me stronger and taught me a lot. Life is a learning experience, I am glad for the struggles because they have made me a better person.

As a pioneer of music in The City of Orlando what are the things you have accomplished in this City and what are your thoughts of The Cities Music Scene?

Its nice just to be considered a pioneer in Orlando hip-hop...I (or my groups) have been featured in many publications, such as Orlando Weekly, Orlando Source which became O-Zone magazine, Connections magazine, and more...I have gotten radio play on 102 Jamz, Rollins College Radio, and @ UCF...I was one of the first artists from Orlando to go on tour...I was one of the founders of the UCF Elements hip-hop organization at UCF...I have performed at almost any venue in Orlando you can think of....Tabu, Will's Pub, AKA Lounge, BackBooth, the Social, Blue Room, Fusion, etc...I don't want to look like an ego maniac and keep listing too much, the haters might get upset! My thoughts on the scene is that is has grown a lot since I got here...we still need to work together...artists here need to get in touch with the business side of things and get their music to the next level...not too many people come correct, and then we complain that we don't get on the radio and get record deals...people need to realize the potential we have here and start grinding rather than complaining.

How many albums and or mix tapes have you released and do you have any albums set to release in the near future?

I have put out two solo albums back in 2002 and 2004, Schooled to the Game & The 2nd Coming of Light...in the group Urban Legacy with Don Legend, we dropped two EPs and a Full length album in 2005...as part of the group Locksmiff with C-Style, Dzasta, and DJ M-Squared, we released several mixtapes, most notably Poppin Locks...we have pushed around 10,000 copies of our mixtapes total...then, we dropped an album last year called Universal. We are all working on solo material now...be on the lookout for my new solo album "Let There Be Light" coming out this spring/summer! Its gonna be a classic....

How do you feel knowing you make crowds move, fans go crazy and that you have a tight spit game?

I'm glad you said it! I am just blessed to have been given the talent to do so...I have worked hard on my craft and keep trying to make the best music I can...I am particularly proud of my live show, that is something that took a lot of time to develop. From there, I like to let the records do the talking

Are you currently an independent artist and what are some of the things that you have not accomplished up top this point that you hope to in the near future?

Yes, I am an independent artist...I hope to secure management in the near future... I have always wanted to perform at the House of Blues and go on tour with a major act. Lastly, I need a record deal! I am hoping to at the least get distribution of some kind for my album. I have a lot of aspirations, but those are the most immediate that come to mind.

Who would you like to thank for helping you, supporting you, or just being there along the way?

There are so many, so I hope not to leave people out....Most know who they are, but I would like to thank first and foremost God (which I know is cliche, but without Him I couldn't wake up everyday to do what I do best), my beautiful girlfriend of 5 years Adrienne, my family, Don Legend, C-Style, Dzasta, DJ M-Squared, Godamus Rhyme, Swamburger, X:144, E-Cleazy, Anduze, Mad P, Ken, Barrington, Sunny, Dennis, Swish Baxter, Red Eye, Ill Brazil, Rzo, Joey Crack, Ru and everyone else I have worked with, done a show with, etc.

For those of us that would like to come see you and support you where could we find you?

Well, everyone has a Myspace page so I will start with that...myspace.com/lighthouserecords...you can find links to the other groups Urban Legacy & Locksmiff that I have been on there as well...I have some show dates coming up, you can catch me with Locksmiff at Lounge Battles 6 at Taste March 7th & at BackBooth April 24th...last but certainly not least, you can catch my solo set at Tatame on March 26th! There will be many more shows, stay tuned...

Is there any advice that you would like to give to someone that is just starting or is pursuing a career in music?

Don't do it! no, I'm kidding...I would say do it for the right reasons, be yourself...don't sell people an image, sell art...no one can do you better than you. Then, expect the worst and hope for the best, this industry is really hard...I guess overall I would say to do it 100%...don't do it unless you are serious and dedicated to it...and don't just rap to rap, SAY SOMETHING...there are a billion rappers, you have to be something unique & special to stand out...thats about it...thank you for your time, appreciate Orlando Spotlight for the love...PEACE - Orlando Spotlight

"Artist 2 Watch feature"

When I heard the next artist, I’ll tell you flat out that I was suitably impressed!. Since the ill-fated entrance of Vanilla Ice, white rappers have had to struggle for respect. But Orlando’s D-Light is a most talented rhymer. He presents a complete package with full instrumentation, backup singers, and his own singing with his overlapping rhymes. His material is uplifting without being preachy as he presents songs called “Save the Day,” “Be Somebody,” and “Look in the Mirror.” His “Loungin’” is high class, combining a big band sound with a pulsing beat. This is definitely an artist to watch, and he should be touring, bringing his music to a wider audience. Check out his solo album, Let There Be Light, released last June. - Skopemag.com

"Let There Be Light review"

The modern Hip Hop landscape is saturated with mediocre artists that still hold on to the antiquated notion that rhyming about money, bitches, drugs and shooting someone in the face is enough to pique the interest of fans of the genre. Given that, it’s immediately refreshing to hear this Central Florida heavyweight giving his listeners some credit. D-Light’s rookie release “Let There Be Light” is structured, intelligent music done right, ripe with aggressive sophisticated lyrics and a multitude of dope beats that forges a harshly complex sound.
Lyrically D-Light comes thru with a straightforward assault that so many artist fail to fall back on and has managed to put together songs that strategically challenge the audience, jutting from hard to heavy, complex to smooth. All of this is achieved without a formulaic vibe, with each song hitting with equal force but from a distinctly different angle. The method is effective, bordering on a song-within-a-song approach that’s sure to keep you in suspense, bracing for what is coming next.
There is a scene that has been growing in strength and creativity since its conception; where there are few beefs amongst each other and the only competition is to see who can give birth to the sickest flow, or a head-nodding blend of samples and the mighty snare-kick; not record sales. This is the underground hip hop scene, and it’s dedicated to producing quality music and “Let There Be Light” has done just that. Raw, real, and unapologetic D-Light is true to the music he does….and to me that’s HIP HOP!!!
Not alone, D-Light invited a bevy of sick lyricists to accompany him on this impressive release such as C-Style, Dzasta, Rocwell, Godamus Rhyme and Sunny to name a few. These artists plus the solid production (mainly handled by Godamus) put effort into their music with critical beats, lyrics and raw delivery for an overload of flow to the ears. Tracks you can’t overlook are, “Be Somebody” feat Mavelle, “High School Musical”, “Monsters” and “Love Always 2008” with Anduze. Though unafraid to tackle conceptual rap lyrics, it’s the things that D.L. cares about most in life that are ever evident in his writing. With 18 tracks of musical greatness, “Let There Be Light” is a must have! Please support by copping this @ http://cdbaby.com/cd/dlight or checking him @ www.myspace.com/lighthouserecords . Bless CyPhEr777
- Insomniac Magazine


"Let There Be Light" LP Released June 4th 2008
Singles "Be Somebody" & "Save The Day" received radio airplay on various college, satellite, & online radio stations
D-Light has also released various demos, mixtapes, & albums as part of his past groups Urban Legacy & Locksmiff
Also, catch D-Light on Qusai aka Don Legend's Platinum Records debut in the Middle East



Originally from Connecticut, D-Light grew up right around the corner from where hip-hop was born. Becoming a poet at a young age, he learned to use words as a way to express his feelings at any given moment. His inspiration is the world around him. The great lyricists of the mid to late nineties provided D-Light with the motivation to put his poetry into verses over beats. Moving to Orlando, FL in 1999, he instantly became a staple in the strong underground scene. Joining MC battles and talent shows to earn a reputation, D-Light has been rocking stages for much longer than many MCs have been writing or rapping period. This has given him the ability to open up for hip-hop heavyweights like Joell Ortiz, AZ, and C Rayz Walz. His groups in the past, Urban Legacy and Locksmiff, have also built up a strong resume of out of town shows culminating in a 10 city tour from FL to NYC in 2007. D-Light and his groups have pushed out well over 10,000 copies of their CDs in just the last few years alone. A solid fan base indicates the popularity of the music. Armed with a new solo album "Let There Be Light" and a universal, blue collar appeal, D-Light is poised for a shot at the majors. With many show dates being lined up, fans will have a chance to see this seasoned performer soon. He has blessed almost every venue that comes to mind in the Orlando area, from the Social to Tabu. His music has been heard on 102 Jamz and Rollins College Radio. Further strengthening his fan base across the country because of numerous appearances on Sirius Satellite Radio, D-Light is getting the spins he deserves. His intro for the Cipha Sounds Effect on Shade 45 was recently added to the rotation. His raw, lyrical style and strong messages have resonated with hip-hop fans who miss the days when the music really stood for something. D-Light tends to stray away from the monotonous trends of the mainstream music scene. However, his music comes off more powerful than preachy. With the energy and work ethic to sustain the kind of longevity that is rarely seen in today's MCs, D-Light is a breath of fresh air for hip-hop. Stay tuned!