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Tj's Dj's along with T.J. Chapman bring you the new era of rap coming from the Sunshine State and his name is D.L.O.
With his new wave, lounge/hip-hop and infectious tone look for a new sound to emerge from Florida rap because this will not be what your used to.. We appreciate all that you've done to get us here and we hope you follow us on an epic journey to help hip hop grow. Look for the "The Nightlife" mixtape series coming late summer hosted by C.T.E's own Dj Bigga Rankin with the lead sin


Brooklyn born mc who was transplanted to south florida after his father was arrested and sentenced to ten years for drug trafficking. Subsequently his style has emerged as a mesh from two culures. Lyrics inspired by a New York mentality dipped in a bit of Southern swag. Lyrical ability still remains at the forefront of his ideals but versatility requires a bit of subtlety the artist feels he would have only gained by being in the South. His biggest fear is being passed up because many people assume he is already signed which is indicative of the music he presents. Looking to preserve hip-hop for many generations to come. We hope you come with us.

GGC. Musicgroup


-Milk and Honey remix- Goapele feat. D.L.O.


-Aston Martin Music remix


-Holding you Down-Jazmine Sullivan feat. D.L.O.