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Daily Lyrical Product

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
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This is good music: Daily Lyrical Product combines respect and unrivaled creativity and passion resulting in the re-birth of a flavor of hip-hop compounded with the sound of multiple genres and acoustic instruments.


Daily Lyrical Product is a hip-hop tandem from Chicago consisting of Lamar "JusLove" Smith and Nate "Illuminate Mics" Marshall. Formed in 2005 while both members were students at Whitney Young High School, DLP has worked with Chicago luminaries such as ADD-2, Jeff Tweedy from Wilco, Vic Mensa, Dave Coresh, Drunken Monkeee, and many more. They have released two independent hip-hop albums.

JusLove is a producer/multi-instrumentalist/MC/singer/songwriter who has worked with numerous Chicago acts as a sound engineer while studying Audio Engineering & Acoustics at Columbia College in Chicago. JusLove is currently working on his solo debut album, "The Love."

Illuminate Mics is a poet/MC who has been featured on HBO's "Brave New Voices", Chicago Public Radio, and the award-winning documentary "Louder Than a Bomb". He recently released a chapbook of poetry called "Unconditional Like" in tandem with a hip-hop EP called "The Langston Huge Project". He is also an honors student double majoring in English and African American Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.

Daily Lyrical Product is committed to making better music than you.



Written By: Lamar Smith; Nathaniel Marshall

I don’t know what makes me this way (this way)
All I ever wanna do is love you (love you)
Sometimes I drive you crazy (crazy)
And some things I say may hurt you but (hurt you)
I’m just a fool I’m just a man (just a fool)
I don’t know how to change who I am (just a man, a man, a man)
I’m just a fool I’m just a man
I don’t know how to change who I am

[Vs 1]
If I could stop thinking other girls were pretty
Or ignore them when they flirt with me
But you know it won’t go nowhere
I wanna be with you when I got no more hair
My lungs no more air despite flaws
Tight like a pair of white draws be fitting on me
If your girls could stop telling you that they kissing on me
Yea you see them hitting on me but I’m only being polite
You the only woman that I’m gone be seeing tonight
And you the only one I see in my life
If I stopped lying then you’d stop spying
And I ain’t denying that I aint perfect but I’m trying
And If I did the things that he did then you wouldn’t want me
And he’d be the one you’d be with
Love is real as the stories that I tell in the booth
If only you’d believe me when I’m telling the truth



Wanna be honest as I speak yo you the one that I really need so
This letter is a hit or a Shaq from the free throw
Me though I’m learning how to keep your
Heart carefully I been growing from a chico
Need to be that change you believe in see and
I’m trying to be with you ‘til my breathing ceasing
Love for eternity I’m seeking we can
Achieve that fact like fraternities I be in
I’ve not been the best many women I’ve used
But you want a new note different pitch I like blues
Different hues and I’m through playing you cheap so
The pimp in me is feeling like his older brother’s Tito
See so this is it in the future picture us
Consider you the wings my Icarus
Be with me till I fall down happy when you call now
Know we’ll be together ‘til my bodies all ground


I’m stupid maybe this is proven true but
My music maybe you’ll be grooving too
Call you on the phone pray I’m never loosing you
A rolling stone but you’re the goal I’m moving too
My music maybe you’ll be grooving too
Call you on the phone pray I’m never loosing you
A rolling stone but you’re the goal I’m moving too

[Add libs]


The Product (2006)
Jus ILL (2007) (Download @ reverbnation.com/dailylyricalproduct)

Set List

Versatility is the main strength of a DLP set. From a short 20 minute set to an 1 hour+ we can perform just as well individually as together.

DLP originals:

"Take My Hand"
"Not Thinking About You"
"Hard To Breathe"
"Love Again"
"Real Hip-Hop"
"To The Moon"
"The Show"


"Save Room" by John Legend
"Jesus Etc" by Wilco
"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz
"Something" by The Beatles
"Find Another You" by John Mayer
"Bim Bom" by João Gilberto
"No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley