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Diversification Interview
Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Few rappers fail to get it in today’s day and age. It’s rap or bust for many. Not even a thought as to what to do if rap doesn’t work out. One person who I cant apply that school of thinking to is Queens rapper, DL. Growing up in the same streets that housed LL and Run DMC, DL was a rap fanatic from the jump and a street hustler at the same time. Rap took a backseat to the streets for a while till DL realized the potential he had and the money that could be made in the game. Now, with his hit single, “Bossman” on the Billboard charts and a movie about to drop titled “Paper Chasing,” the MC who many compare to LL will show he’s worthy of the comparison and have an even longer career than the Farmer Blvd legend.

Nobodysmiling.com : How’s everything going?

DL : Everything is going well. We are in post-production for a movie we’ve been working on which is receiving rave reviews from industry insiders. Aside from that, we are doing the soundtrack to the film which will be big and my music also.

Nobodysmiling.com : Tell me about the movie...What’s it about?

DL : We got an urban-crime drama called “Paper Chasin” and it stars me and some other up and coming actors. It revolves around Hip-Hop and a man whose living life on the streets and money drives him to succeed. The movie focuses on all the trials and tribulations of the main character and how after a few jail stints, he gets his life together and realizes it’s time for him to take life serious and stop messing around.

Nobodysmiling.com : You got into acting pretty early. Does this mean this could be a career during or after rap?

DL : I wouldn’t mind doing it, but I can’t say I’m striving to become a full-time actor. Music is the main focus.

Nobodysmiling.com : Is this movie auto-biographical?

DL : Yes it’s inspired by actual events with bits of embellishment for entertainment purposes. It’s based in events that occurred in my life and one of my childhood friends.

Nobodysmiling.com : Tell me about growing up in Queens?

DL : Ummm...I could say a lot of things. I’m glad I grew up out there. I grew up in the same neighborhood as Run DMC and LL Cool J. I was exposed to so many prominent figures who became successful from my part of town which gave me a lot of motivation.

Nobodysmiling.com : Now when you were younger you were involved in the “street life.” Did you go from the street life to rapping or was it always a passion of yours?

DL : Anybody who comes from the street who says Hip-Hop isn’t a part of them would be lying. I was always involved in rap. I was on the block due to dire circumstances around me. When I was younger, everyone looked up to those doing it big on the block and I fell into that trap. Hip-Hop was always a part of me and I never lost the passion.

Nobodysmiling.com : When would you say you started your rap career?

DL : Mid to late 90's. Prior to that, I’d been making demo tapes and trying to get on. But after a while, I just got tired of dealing with A&R’s and the industry in general. That drove me to start my own label in 97 or 98.

Nobodysmiling.com : Looking at how rappers are barely making any returns on records these days, do you feel your chances of getting signed are slim?

DL : My plan is to build up enough value in my company to get a joint venture deal. There’s always companies looking to be acquired so being signed to a label deal is cool as long as I can get a joint venture deal for distribution.

Nobodysmiling.com : Southern rappers are pretty heavy in the independent game. They move cd’s from anywhere and everywhere and people seem to buy more records down south. Have you found it easy or difficult to sell records up here?

DL : Quite honestly, New York is a tricky thing. We have 9 million people in this state and it’s very difficult to get people interested in something that your doing. People have their own concerns and goals. A school talent show may be the talk of the town down south or out in the middle, but it would barely make a blip on the radar out here. It’s very hard to get attention out here.

Nobodysmiling.com : Do you feel major label A&R’s are even checking for NY artists anymore?

DL : No disrespect, but I think today’s A&R’s are very conservative. Right now, the south is winning. No question about that. In the end, A&R’s are working people who have to protect their jobs and are usually forced to be safe and not take risks.

Nobodysmiling.com : What makes you stand out from other MC’s?

DL : There’s not a huge difference in content. If I said there was, I’d be lying to you. I put my money where my mouth is all the time. Too many MC’s say they believe in themselves, but don’t do what’s necessary to bring their careers to the next level. I also raise the bar artistically. I excecutive produced “Paper Chasing.” Why make a music video when I can do a movie? Videos give you no financial - nobodysmiling.com


BossMan - latest single #4 Billboard Hip Hop/R&b Single Sales Chart,Got Plans, Lets Ride
E.P. Certificate Of Relief, ...And Then There Was DL
LPs- Notice Me, King Of Paper Chasin(Winter 2008) Feature Film "King Of Paper Chasin"(Winter 2008)




Triplebeam Entertainment
The Next “Independent” Major Movement In Hip Hop

“Only the strong survive” is a phrase often used by many but can only be attributed to a few. DL is one of the few.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, it wasn’t long before DL was introduced to the struggle of the street game. Initially he found false salvation in the streets, but the hustle, run ins with the law and the loss of close friends was taking a toll on this seasoned hustler.

Believing that “only strength can carry you through” was his mantra that led him out of harms way and into what was in his heart all along, music. Growing up he listened to LL Cool J and Run DMC and the hip hop movement began to influence this then young, impressionable youth, as an artist. While time progressed, DL honed in on his craft and began his evolution into and MC that was soon to be “reckoned with”.

Fast forward to present time and the picture is crystal clear. DL is known as a crafty MC that talks the talk, but more importantly, walks the walk. His mixed CDs are hosted by the industries best, such as LA’s Truly odD(Power 106) and New York’s DJ Absolute(Hot 97) and can be heard across the globe. From LA to Miami the streets are a buzz with this cat that “sounds like “LL” and with a show that is “bananas”. His single Stand Up (We Here Now) has charted on various stations and Record Pools. Now DL has released his new single & video “ BossMan”. This joint is sure to be a banger off his new CD entitled “King Of Paper Chasin” in stores late 2007. If you like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Ludacris…You wont help but to feel DL.

In hindsight, there isn’t much that DL would change about the decisions in his life. They have helped him to build character and made him stronger in preparation for his climb to the top. In today’s entertainment industry, focus, determination and consistency are all tools of the trade. DL encompasses all of these tools as an artist and all of the attributes of a wonderful human being. All things considered, success is not a choice, it’s eminent.