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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Like to pop a couple..."

murderous timing, with infectious Rhymes. don't matter that I'm high, this shit still insane. The only thing that could pick up the chourus, is bringing a lady into the mix, it'll accentuate the rest of the song aswell. killer track other wise, keep rollin'
(fucking loved the wierd seventies soul movie thing at the end) - Killer Chef 1-- Sonora, California

"Got 5"

Overlap of vocals overdone, guys. The voice of the lead guy does not need that. But it has a catch. Definitely want to listen to this song.

The song doesn't lag with a bunch of unnecessary breaks and changes. Makes the song flow.

Lyrics very strong and deliverate. They are making a very strong statement about the crap on the streets.

Great song guys! Got a 5 - April Lee -- Olmsted Falls, Ohio

"Classic Underground"

This song makes me wanna ask y they don't play undeground groups on the radio. Original beat concept and lyrics. The depth of the verse was really tight. U are one of the best mc's I've heard on here. keep it gully - Dru 200- 421

"My neck hurts"

Very funky. Good ole underground hiphop. Hot hook and lyrical flows and content are way above par. Straight foward hiphop flavor. Ya'll don't sound like anyone specific you sound like underground hiphop if that makes any sense. Duke on the last verse does resemble Ludacris just a bit. Really feelin it. What I like is that all verses work well together - BNLC -- Kingston, New York


this is diffrent, i love the violins, and the lyrics are very clever. All in all i like it. - M.I.S. Fit -- Shersbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom

"Hip hop to chill to"

I'm loving the prelude to the song which sounded like a movie excerpt. The beat sounds faintly familiar but still is banging.It makes me want to go swimming. The mc is spitten straight fire. The strings are sharp. Every verse was tight. Great Work! - Bugsy 504 -- New Orleans, Louisiana

"Damn Son"

this song is dope as hell.

beat- original and fits the song hella good.

verse- this is totally sick. i love this song one of the best ive heard on GB

lyrics- son ur dope...i dont even know how to explain this dawg, u sick. - Bounty -- Garden Home, Orego

"Very catchy hook"

The hook is very catchy because the word choices are simple, yet very effective, and the perfomance in the hook sticks in the listner's head. The lyrics are good, but have some inconsistencies in them because at parts, the lines are very creative, and then at others, it gets very simple and somewhat clashes. The overall song is not bad at all, and reminds the listener of a soundtrack type of track - Brainwavez -- Decatur, Georgia

"Very Original"


The song itself is real hip hop, and it is very respectable for that reason. The hook comes back to the same idea, it is so original! It is very catchy tho too! The "DON'T WORRY BOUT ME" goes with the piano in the beat, and that makes it very catchy! Actually, almost the whole hook goes with the piano, and thats wut makes the whole hook sound so catchy! The lyrics are STRAIGHT HIP HOP! I'M LOVIN' THESE LYRICS! THEY ARE SO ORIGINAL! WELL THOUGHT OUT, WELL DELIVERED, AND WELL DONE! The production sounded great too! THIS IS REAL HIP HOP RIGHT HERE! AND I'M LOVIN IT! GOOD JOB! KEEP EM COMIN! - The Prospects -- San Diego, California

"3 Seconds"

and i was in love with the song.
the chorus kills. love the whole group of voices telling the plain truth like that.
the piano rocks, and the lyrics had me paying attention the whole way through.
sweet musical ending too. really nice job with a killer track.
this song has soul you can't buy - Mit Maven -- Austin, Texas


D'Mangelo- F U and Yours-2006
D'Mangelo- Vents Of Agony- Cum'n this fall



D'mangelo was born in Cincinnati,Ohio. The City sits on the southwest edge of Ohio, where it banks on the great Ohio River. Home of the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, and the head quarters of
Procter and Gamble.

The city is small, but the heritage is great.. The substance and history of the city includes fights on the American frontier, production of sought after goods, and assistance in the underground rail road revolutionary movement.

D'Mangelo Born "De'Angelo Belcher"
was birthed early in the a.m. in early April, at the world wide renown Cincinnati University Hospital...

His mother at the time young and unready for his birth, did the best she could to provide shelter, food, clothing and love to the 8pound 9ounce baby boy..
She worked long hours for little pay..

(D'mangelo)- "If i could have it my way, my queen would never have to work again in her life, only yard work to take care of her garden"

At a young age Mangelo was introduced to hard rap lyrics from the artist who rained during his child hood.. Artist like N.W.A. Spice 1,
E-40, Under Ground Kings,
Too-Short, C-bo and plenty other from down south and the west coast.. At a young age his taste for music was set, heavy bass and dirty lyrics where the formula for witch he turned for listening..

He wrote rhymes in his notebook, that reflected the material world in witch he was brought up in .. Often being reckless, vex, degrading, and disrespectful.

In The late 90's Mangelo was introduced to (at the time) the new age lyrics of 2pac....
The rapper soon became one of the would be artist
favorite MC's.. And that would set the stage for a fork in the road on the path of music that was accepted for listening pleasure by the young vessel. It would also with out doubt have a heavy bearing on what was to become the new taste of music for the artist..

(D'Mangelo)- "if it wasn't for 2pac beef'n with the late great Notorious Big, I would have never had a chance to enter the realm of deeper thought that artist like Notorious, Nas, Rakim, Canibus and Krs 1 brought to the table"

As time moved on Mangelo got deeper into east coast rap, artist such as Ghostface killa, red-man method man, and the natives to his city who presented the same vibe like Mood and Dj Hi-tek..

From that point on the artist gave attempt to correct the wrongs of the world thru his poetry and lyrics, but the songs, though having good intentions, did not rhyme and at times where to deep and unclear to follow..

His first release was a 3song e.p in 2004 ,
"No Handouts" that never went anywhere, the quality was poor, and the lyrics where not tight as they could have been..
But he still had good concepts like "I love all my dogs"
and "Digital Doe man"

In 2006 D'Mangelo gave it another shot, Now out the simple basement studio, he was recording with quality production, distributing quality lyrics, and recording with hi quality mic and equipment..
And also use'n a professional engineer..

His second release "F U and Yours"
(available on Blindside Records at
Has features from Vocalist, downsouth and east coast rap artist,
and production from the United Kingdom.
The singles "Bird Cherp" and "Don't worry bout me"
got the artist the minimal attention he needed.

Now with a group of vocalist, Top notch production, and a network of Mc's with different traits and sounds, D'mangelo plans to
get his messages out in formats digestible for all music listeners and all ages.