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My music consists of hip hop, but not your averavge hip hop. when I make my songs it must contain a purpose, a great story, and something the listers can relate to. I also enjoy making timeless music because the fans appreciate it more,and they well never forget you.


D.Martin is a hip hop rapper, and writer. He began his music interest at the early age of 11. Just as any musician when they first start out he needed a stage name, but after several different stage names that he tried out none of the seem to fit. That's when he decided to keep it real with his fans ,and use his real name. He took the initial of his first name which is D, and used his full last name which is Martin to compose his rap name D.Martin. He would often rap infront of family members, and friends until one day they encourage him to pursuit a music career. After working hard on his craft he finally landed a spot on Drunkin Master Holiday Hold Up mixtape in 2001 (a hot local DJ ). D.Martin wanted to make his on mixtapes, and not just be apart of other people mix tapes, so he when on to do so. In pursuit of trying to create a mixtape D.Martin began to realize how expense the music busniess can be to an high schooler. After D.Martin became a graduate of Henry Ford high school in 2004 he began to search for full time jobs to provide him funds for his music career.After a series of dead end jobs he finally saved up enough money to release his first mixtape in 2004 entitled, Enter Da Game. The following year he release yet anothor mixtape entitled, Let It Rip. D.Martin is one of the most versatile rappers in the music business today. He also has his own sound ,and not scared to try different things with his music. A few of the infuences he had while growing up where 2pac, Bones Thugs and Harmony, Biggie Smallz, LL Cool J, Juvenile, Eminem, and more. D. Martin used those influences to create his own music. His newest project Enter Da Game LP is schedule to be release in the summer of 2008.


In 2004 I release my first mixtape(Enter Da Game). In 2005 I release my second mixtape ( Let It Rip), and my third release is schedule for the summer of 2008 entitled (Enter Da Game) LP. My first single off the album, Real Lyfe is set to hit the airwaves this summer.

Set List

I normally do 3 to 4 songs that takes up no more than 10 to 15 mins. My songs are Wrap It Up, Sick And Tried, Fill It Up, and I Like Dat.