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Louisville, Kentucky, United States | INDIE

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


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The Louisville Artist, Who Has Been Featured on BET’s Rap City and the Russ Parr Morning Show, Is Making Noise With His Raw, Profanity-free Talent

Louisville, KY – September 3, 2008 – D. Mawl is beginning to blaze the airwaves with his single “Keep It Hip Hop” from his “The Lost 16” album. The artist, who was chosen as KFC’s 360 Pride Hitmaker, drops harsh life reality over feel good music that makes his listeners sway side to side and rethink common situations, as well. D. Mawl is standing up for hip hop and denouncing the “flip flop” that today’s rap glorifies: money, murder, cars and loose women, among many others. D. Mawl was recently featured on BET’s Rap City for his lyrical commitment to family, pride and the community; and killed the freestyle with host Q45 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsHlr_IoxFE). He has performed with some of music’s top acts including Doug E. Fresh, The Nappy Roots, MC Lyte and newcomer, Chrisette Michelle. Download the single “Keep It Hip Hop” for free at http://www.soullinq.com/dmawl/files/mp3s/Dmawl - Keep It Hip Hop.mp3.
For more information on D. Mawl and his music, visit www.dmawl.com.

“Keep It Hip Hop”, like most of D. Mawl’s music, intertwines roots rhymes with a soulful track. D. Mawl, a native of Cincinnati and Louisville resident, is focused on creating a new era of hip hop derived from the legacy of legends like The Sugarhill Gang, Public Enemy, Tupac, Nas and others who’ve heavily impacted the industry. “There are a lot of rappers on the scene, but what we lack are true hip hop artists who understand the essence of our being. And we are more than “money, hoes and clothes”. We are presidential nominees, mothers, fathers and teachers,” says D. Mawl. Hip hop is a culture and when mixed with soul music, it becomes the essence of our community. “The Lost 16” album is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, Napster, Payplay Tradebit and Ruckus.
- Hiphopruckus.com


The Hip Hop Soul Artist Drops Political Rhymes Over Two of Today’s Most Popular Hip Hop and R &B Songs

D. Mawl is making moves throughout the country and is targeting international recognition as well. The Cincinnati native’s music is developing a fan base of popular DJs, radio host and music critics. DJs in various areas have been requesting tracks from D. Mawl to add to their mixshows and rotations on-air, as well as, parties, clubs and other social settings. In addition, he has been interviewed by various outlets, with more requests forthcoming. As an active member of social networking sites like Soul Commune, Myspace, Imeem, StreetCred, and XXL Block,
D. Mawl is aiming to increase his fan base and introduce his music to those across the globe.

While D. Mawl’s musical style isn’t what’s regularly played on radio, it is appreciated by those within the industry. There are some stations that love hip hop, but don’t regularly spin it because of the content. “Hip hop lovers who once abandoned the art form because of junk lyrics can now embrace the music again. We are hip hop heads, but not able to include a lot of it in our rotation because of lyrics. We are thankful for D. Mawl’s platform,” says Lisa Birch of Vertical Fix Radio. As a husband and father of three young children, he wants his family to be heavily involved in his musical dream of bringing the true essence of hip hop back to the mainstream. Therefore, D. Mawl aims to make music with good messages and eliminates the use of vulgar language.
- BlackintheBay.com


The Louisville Artist, Who Has Been Featured on BET’s Rap City and the Russ Parr Morning Show, Is Making Noise With His Raw, Profanity-free Talent

D. Mawl can be added to the ranks of many artists who have used their talents in support of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. With hip hop and urban communities on fire about the current election, it was only natural for the Louisville lyricist to contribute to this evolutionary time. The urban youth have registered to vote in record numbers this year and those who influence them most have been critical encouragers of their participation. “I am so excited about the energy of our hip hop generation and very proud of the attention and time they are placing on this election. I am a strong Barack Obama supporter and want to see this brother prove his doubters wrong,” says D. Mawl. He is hopeful that this song and video will create more spark in this last week before the big election day and motivate some to vote early. Listen and download the mp3 of “The Great Election” by clicking HERE
(http://www.soullinq.com/dmawl/files/music/DMAWL_TheGreatElection.mp3). View the must see YouTube video HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LnORuZxJCk).

In addition to “The Great Election”, D. Mawl is busy promoting his single “Keep It Hip Hop” from his The Lost 16 album. He is nationally recognized for his “All Over the Place” Black history anthem and as KFC’s 2007 360 Pride Hitmaker.
- Life and Soul

"All Over the Place"

“Unsigned Artist Receives National Recognition
for Positive Hip-Hop Song”

For Immediate Release: contact:

Soul Linq Productions DMawl is receiving national recognition and support for his recent single “All Over the Place.” All Over the Place is a very creative hip-hop rap song celebrating African American inventors and innovators. The song opens with the artist’s own daughter asking the question, “What would the world be like with out black people?”

In order to answer the question, DMawl takes listeners through a day with him and his daughter as they recognize daily house hold items and technology created by black inventors.

Nationally syndicated radio and television host Russ Parr has named DMawl’s All Over the Place as the MOST positive song he’s heard all year. Parr keeps the local artist in rotation during his weekday morning show which is heard from 6am to 10am est. by more than 3.2 million listeners in more than 45 cities across the country. The morning show has garnered numerous awards for being the best in the country. In addition, Russ Parr’s weekend show, “On The Air With Russ Parr”, can be heard on more than 40 different radio stations nationwide with over 2 million listeners every weekend.

Actor and comedian Anthony Anderson says, “I love this! This guy is positive talent. Exactly what we need!”

Call to action here:

Who is DMawl?
Dee Muldrow AKA "D. Mawl" was raised in Cincinnati, OH, at the end of the era of good, politically motivated music. Raised in the "Hip-Hop Generation," Dee was influenced by Rakim, Nas, Common, Hi-Tek, Marvin Gaye, D'Angelo, Earth Wind and Fire and the artists who, like himself, consider themselves rebels with important causes.

DMawl is known regionally for his on-edge lyrics laced with folk sentiment; he is the common man's champion, using his voice as a reflection of our current economic system and its creation of the American Ghetto. Dee shows this warrior spirit in songs like "Our Story," from his upcoming album.

- Soul Linq

"Muzik Gone Wild"

“MuZik Gone WilD”

For immediate release:

In February of this year, independent hip hop artist D.Mawl received national attention for his debut single “All Over the Place” a tune that praised the talents, inventions, and contributions by African Americans that reach every American household daily.

D.Mawl continues the grind with another attention grabbing single entitled “MuZik Gone WilD”. After former nationally syndicated talk show host Don Imus was scrutinized for referring to a group of African American women as “Nappy Head Hoes” many turned to mainstream hip hop music and the degrading lyrical content which often glorifies and endorses the use of such terminology.

While other artists and industry insiders may fight the scrutiny in defense for the hip hop culture, D.Mawl in “MuZik Gone WilD” boldly expresses his views on the current lyrical content of hip hop music. In this radio friendly, club banger, D.Mawl exposes the dirty laundry of platinum recording artists by referencing their own degrading lyrics.

“MuZik Gone WilD” captivates hip hop fans and artists alike while challenging listeners to become more conscious of the messages being aired on mainstream radio and television. D.Mawl’s no holds bar attitude toward addressing the issues in hip hop and creatively still appealing to the masses will absolutely gain and keep your attention during his “Eternal Grind”.

You can hear “MuZik Gone WilD” and other works of D.Mawl for yourself at www.myspace.com/dmawldro or www.dmawl.com

- RoJo Media

"Eternal Grind"

“D.Mawl Keeps Hip Hop Music Alive”

The Midwest independent Hip Hop Soul artist D.Mawl continues to show through his own work that hip hop music is alive and well. With his sophomore release entitled “Eternal Grind”, D.Mawl challenges those he refers to as “cookie cutter want to be rap stars” to step their game up by producing positive, conscience, soulful music. “Eternal Grind” is ruthless as DMAWL voices his personal feelings of the typical “rap crap” that is currently being played on mainstream radio across the country.

Listeners say what they love most about D.Mawl's “Eternal Grind” is he invites you into his soul with songs like “Rather Be Broke”and “Rolling on Fumes.” They describe him as very creative and grabs your attention with tracks like “I’m A Hater”. Eternal Grind concludes with a sneak preview of his up and coming album which is scheduled for release late summer 2007. The response from this preview confirms it is only a matter of time for the world to hear and feel this fresh new artist who is bringing positive conscience music back to mainstream hip hop culture. To say D.Mawl is a breath of fresh air is an understatement. For many, D.MAWL is more like a breath of life. Life mainstream hip hop as an industry and culture has not seen in years.

To look into the soul of DMawl and witness the change of hip hop for yourself visit D.MAWL at www.dmawl.com or www.myspace.com/dmawldro.

- RoJo Media

"KFC Pride 360 Hitmaker"

YUM! Brands KFC will use local artist D.Mawl for it’s new national promotional campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Soul LinQ Productions

August 24, 2007 (Louisville, KY) Local Hip Hop artist D.Mawl’s winning song entitled “Sounds Good To Me” was chosen to represent YUM! Brands KFC Pride 360 national promotional campaign from more than 60 entries across the country. The top 10 songs were chosen by the YUM! marketing team with the winner being chosen by voters from across the nation through an Internet voting system.

“Through Pride 360, KFC celebrates the positive ways African-American music has contributed to and shaped American society,” said James O’Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer for KFC. “Not only is the contest a great opportunity for us to celebrate our belief in the individual, family and community, more importantly, it’s also our chance to give an inspiring artist a shot at making a dream a reality.”
The KFC Pride 360 campaign is sponsored by YUM! Brand KFC, BET and J. Records.

The national television, radio and web promotion will feature D.Mawl’s song “Sounds Good To Me” as well as being included on a compilation CD released by KFC this fall. D.Mawl will also make a feature appearance on Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) show “Rap City” in late September.

This Louisville artist is no stranger to the national stage. Earlier this year, D.Mawl gained national attention with his hit single “All Over the Place”. The song was in rotation on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show, which reaches over 3.2 million listeners in over 45 markets across the country.

D.Mawl plans to release his album entitled “The Lost 16’s” in the late fall and look for him locally and regionally in guest appearances promoting the KFC Pride 360 campaign and his debut album. You can also hear “Sounds Good to Me” and other music by D.Mawl at www.dmawl.com, www.myspace.com/dmawldro or by visiting www.kfc.com/pride360.

For more information or to schedule an interview with D.Mawl, please call or email Soul LinQ Productions at: 502-568-6130 or rjohnson@soullinq.com
- RoJo media

"Rap City Appearance"

D. Mawl appears on Rap City this Monday Night at 1:00AM EST
D.Mawl takes his "Muzik Gone Wild" movement to Hip Hop's capital, New York City with an
eye opening appearance on BET's Rap City. You don't want to miss his interview and
freestyle about the State of Hip Hop. After leaving his stamp in Harlem, Jay-Z's 40/40 Club
and the Rap City appearance this past week, many are saying "Stay Tuned...he just may be
the one to change the whole game." His new single Muzik Gone Wild is currently being
added to numerous mainstream radio markets throughout the country.
D.Mawl is an unsigned Hip Hop artist out of Louisville, KY by way of Cincinnati, OH. This
Midwest artist is no stranger to the national stage. Earlier this year, D.Mawl gained
national attention with his hit single "All Over the Place". The song was in rotation
and used as the inspirational song of the day on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr
Morning Show, which reaches over 3.2 million listeners in over 45 markets across the
Tune in to BET's Rap City this Monday night at 1:00am EST to see how D.Mawl plans to
change the face of Hip Hop.
For more about D. Mawl and the Muzik Gone Wild movement, visit him at
www.dmawl.com and www.myspace.com/dmawldro - RoJo Media


- New Release Lp "The Lost 16"- 2008
- 2007 KFC Pride 360 hitmaker
- Eternal Mixtape Vol 2- 2006
- Single "Muzik Gone Wild" received national airplay on Music Choice Satellite radio,
- Single "All Over the Place" received national radio airplay on syndicated Russ Parr moring show.
2 Dolla Dolla mixtape Vol 1- 2005
- Collaborated with Grammy nominated Hip Hop group "Nappy Roots" and was featured on several previous projects



Dee Muldrow aka "D. Mawl" was born Daniel Muldrow in Youngstown, OH. At age 5, D. Mawl’s parents took their young son and daughter to Cincinnati, OH where this member of the “Hip-Hop Generation” would be musically influenced by an era of positive, politically motivated artists like Marvin Gaye, Rakim, Nas, Talib Kweli, D'Angelo and artists who, like D. Mawl himself, consider themselves industry rebels with important causes. D. Mawl is known for his on-edge lyrics laced with folk sentiment. A lyrical genius since adolescences, he considers himself the common man's champion and uses his voice to combat the current oppressive economic system and its creation of the American Ghetto. D. Mawl was chosen as KFC’s 360 Pride Hitmaker in 2007 and has appeared on BET’s Rap City for his lyrical commitment to family, pride and the community. Within his musical career, he has performed with some of music’s top acts including Doug E. Fresh, The Nappy Roots, MC Lyte and newcomer, Chrisette Michelle. As a college student at Western Kentucky University, D. Mawl shared a label and worked on several projects with the Grammy-nominated group, the Nappy Roots. After their label dissolved, D. Mawl started a new label, Soul LinQ, and continued on his mission to ignite the true essence of hip hop. His name began to circulate after his sophomore release Eternal Grind (2007). The album, which continues to buzz through out the Midwest, earned his peers’ respect as a true lyricist. Eternal Grind intensified his fans’ anticipation of his latest album, The Lost 16. On The Lost 16, D. Mawl dissects today’s rap game with tracks like “Muzik Gone Wild” and reminds his audience of what true hip hop is with body-swaying singles like “Keep It Hip Hop”. D. Mawl is an advocate of change and educating our youth. Therefore, he released “The Great Election” in support of the 44th US President Barack Obama and “All Over the Place”, a Black history song that depicts the accomplishments of Black people who made a difference in our everyday lives, then and now. D. Mawl’s fans, new listeners and industry insiders, a like, are impressed with D. Mawl’s creativity, positive lyrics and his dedication to his craft. D. Mawl’s commitment to present day causes and social ills are paired with a respect of the same legendary artists who inspired him to create a sound that is fresh, flavorful, and utterly necessary. D. Mawl is under Soul LinQ Productions, as a writer and artist. Soul LinQ’s roster also features Carlis Phillips, (C.P.) R&B/Soul solo vocalist, Adrianne Archie, a rising gospel talent, Cordaco, producer and Joel Goodwin, producer and pianist extraordinaire. Visit www.dmawl.com or www.myspace.com/dmawldro for more information and updates.
For further details on D.Mawl and Soul LinQ, please visit the following websites: