Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Alternative, electronica, instrumental, and vocal songs with a pinch of industrial for spotlight jams, TV/movie soundtrack, or background club ambiance.


Given his first fingerboard at the age of 3, D.Maximus has lived, breathed, and jammed music for most of his life. Coming from a family of professional musicians, composers, and teachers, his influences goes way beyond your typical classic rock roots. D.Max digs Rachmaninoff to Rage, the Dead to Prokofiev, tambau to twelve/eight, and pretty much everything in-between. “So much can be learned from the great composers and musicians of the past, serious musicians should absorb their excellence while creating their own destiny.” –D.M.

D.Maximus has performed for many years, primarily as a bassist, in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. From dives to amphitheaters, he has enlightened tens of thousands with his musical ability and groove. Aside from performing, D.Max works in live production, studio recording, and song arrangement, utilizing his multi-instrument talent, educated engineering techniques, and raspy-blues vocal ability. His studio, AXEION, is located in the northern ‘burbs’ of Pittsburgh. D.Maximus material is available for download at and can be contacted at


Search Out Your Soul

Written By: Paul Haller

Verse 1
Back from the dark side, going to the north side,
My love is dated, where is my key.
Why do I do this, the sky is angry with me,
One step behind, this painting tells me to…

Go, live, search out your soul,
Find, love, thaw out the cold.

Verse 2
Blue can be translucent, the blood can boil,
Father who’s your favorite, place the seed into the soil.
Tear the package there, a curb to rest my weary head,
Some fruit can taste bad, this clown is urging me to…

Go, live, search out your soul,
Find, love, thaw out the cold.

Verse 3
Can you start the fairytale, my pants are falling down,
This shower is always cold, the best bridges are in town.
2am there’s that dream again, that car won’t start,
My feet are moving, and my heart is pleading with me to…

Go, live, search out your soul,
Find, love, thaw out the cold.
Go, live, search out your soul,
Find, love, start all over again.


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