BandHip Hop

Music so uplifting that it'll make you float, gospel so clear that it'll help you cope.


Born: Desmond P Vaughn
Identity: D’Mazin “Amazing Soldier for Christ”
Mission: To witness to the world about my amazing Savior
Home: Memphis, TN
Church: Longview Heights
Pastor: James Owens
Contact: The Great Commission at http://www.tgcministries.com

Dmazin a poetic phenomenon started writing poetry at young age. It started in school as just doing assignments, but the more he wrote it became one of his passions. It wasn’t long after he met a group of church members that did gospel rap known as The Great Commission. From that moment, he was inspired to be a gospel rapper. So, he flipped the script and instead of one passion he now had two by joining the The Great Commission. At first he thought it was just about “moving the crowd”, but the more he performed, it became clear to him that it was more than just rapping to others, but ministering to those who needed a word from God. Now after 3 years rocking the mic on various stages for the Lord, this young man is poised to take the gospel to the world.