Gary, Indiana, USA
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D.M.C. (Marco & TEZ Buck$), is a group out of the midwest with a new sound and take on hip hop and music in general. Making music that can be heard and enjoyed by any age.


D.M.C. is a hip hop/rap group from the midwest region. The duo consist of Marco, emcee, and TEZ Buck$, emcee/producer. Formed in mid 2005, they both decided to pursue the dream of becoming full time artist. Though the duo/group thing has already been done, Marco and TEZ are set apart by two different backgrounds of music. Which consist of a long list from, Outkast, UGK, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, to Lauryn Hill, Fleetwood Mac, B.B. King and other greats alike. This is all due to Marco being a native of Gary, In and TEZ originally growing up on the westside of Chicago,Ill. Which makes their sound together unheard of and very refreshing. Often when ask who do they sound like?, the response is usually,you have to hear us to determine that, and even then no one is in comparison of their versatility from track to track. Whether its some old school "boom bap" hip hop, or today's heavily sampled or even hard hitting tracks.


"Supersonic (Shawn Kemp)"- Single
"Sleep Walking"
"D.I.3."- E.P.

Set List

We have well over 1hr and a half of material if needed.