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Dee Emeigh

Milford, Delaware, United States | SELF

Milford, Delaware, United States | SELF
Band Christian Adult Contemporary


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"A Gift of Inspiration"

17 February 2011

Dee Emeigh isn’t planning on quitting her day job any time soon, and she’s not counting on a record contract to make her living. The hope of this Milford based singer/songwriter is that her work will encourage others...

Emeigh’s music, which she characterizes as Christian Inspirational, has been in the top 30 of fan favorites at, an online independent radio station, music store and resource for Christian musicians/artists for the last three months. Her new video got 100 views in the first week it was placed on YouTube, and she was recently contacted to have her music video featured on the online Songwriters Collection Channel.

“I’m learning to be more confident, to share [my music] because I’m supposed to,” said Emeigh, of her belief that God gives people gifts to share with others.

Emeigh sang all her life, and began writing songs in her twenties when she began her journey of faith. She often sang them a’capella, because she had no one to accompany her. In the 1990s she found an arranger, but not very many open doors. She thought promoting herself was “distasteful” and that if she was good enough, someone would notice her. But, years of starts and stops in her own life outside of music have finally changed her mind. In fact

Last summer Emeigh decided it was up to her to get her music out to people any way she could. Her latest song, “Go On” is pretty allegorical to Emeigh’s life in the music world and of her perseverance.

“I think a lot of people are waiting to be discovered,” said Emeigh, who now has professionally produced songs and videos and regularly sends out emails to friends and fans about her musical projects.

“I found Dee on one of my daily searches [of YouTube]. Upbeat positive and inspirational songs are not the normal fare on YouTube. It's much easier to write about doom and gloom it seems. I was impressed with the work that went into her video and the song itself,” said Kathy Maher who runs a website to promote YouTube artists, and has asked to promote Emeigh’s music for free.

It all restarted one summer almost ten years ago when Emeigh went to Nashville for a program called the “Christian Artist Development Day” at a company called CreativeSoul. After hearing Emeigh’s story of divorce, moves, losing her entire retirement savings and starting a new career in her 50’s, Eric Copeland, owner of the company, knew he wanted to work with her. “Here is a lady who could just give up. Music had called, but she had never been able to answer. Yet instead of quitting, she fought the fear, and reached out to someone to get things going. “I was inspired a bit,” Copeland said.

Although Emeigh was encouraged too, once again, life’s challenges caused her to lay the music aside. Then, last summer she went back to Nashville to record "Go On."

"People shouldn’t give up on dreams just because they probably won’t be commercially successful," she said. “If the music gets out to a broad audience and I never leave the house, that’s fine,” she said.

And her music is getting out. Even though it’s a high tech medium with songs being sent online from computer to computer, it’s a very old fashioned way of doing things – by word of mouth from one friend to another.

“I gave it a listen, then sent it to one of my friends who has had a troubled time recently. My friend loved it and posted it on her Facebook page for all of her friends,” said Judy McNamire, of Dover, an acquaintance of Emeigh’s who recently listened to “Go On” online.

Knowing that she encouraged someone is pretty good pay for Emeigh.

“I’m quite pleased with where I am with it right now,” said Emeigh. “I feel like I’m at least doing something, not hiding my light under a basket.”
- The News Journal/Kim Hoey

"Oozes Talent"

Some folks just seem to be overloaded with talent. While the rest of the world struggles to be good at simply one discipline, others seem to be gifted with a double-measure and excel in multiple areas. Dee Emeigh is one of those multi-talented folks, for sure. Her resume is one that will unwittingly cause envy in some, boasting credits as a photojournalist, freelance feature writing, and, yes, musical performances as well.

Musically, Emeigh has performed both as a member of choirs as well as leading roles in local musical theater. With worship and speaking engagements added to her laundry list of talents, it’s a bit overwhelming. Yet, for this artist, it’s all about being Well Seasoned, which is ironically the title of her latest musical endeavor.

("Well Seasoned") showcases Emeigh as both singer and songwriter with the musical arrangements being left to Eric Copeland and Creative Soul, based out of Franklin, TN.

...The arrangements are all played flawlessly, with solid studio musicians like Mark Baldwin (guitars) and Gary Lunn (drums), among others, setting forth a solid soundscape. And, for the most part, Copeland’s arrangements serve as a good match for Emeigh’s warm and focused vocals...Dee Emeigh is a very talented artist with lyrics that are generally well worded and precise vocals that recall the stage.

(In) a reworking of the hymn classic, “Fairest Lord Jesus,” the sparse, almost “not there” arrangement serves as a vehicle for the time-tested lyric and offers Emeigh a nice chance to harmonize with background vocalist Stephanie Sestito, her granddaughter.

It’s pretty hard to overstate at this point but Dee Emeigh oozes talent through her life’s work and through her music...The basic building blocks are here for Emeigh to succeed with a solid songwriting focus, a talented band, practiced vocals, and a heart that is rightly focused.

- Review Me


Well SEASONED (CD project 2011)
Window Boxes (single CD 2005)
If It Weren't For You (cassette 1991)
Bigger Shoes (cassette 1990)



Dee Emeigh is a talented singer/songwriter whose lyrics and melodies are truly inspired of her relationship with Jesus, the Anointed One. She is a seasoned performer whose credits include choral groups and worship teams, soloist at seminars and leading roles in musical theater.

Her autobiographical book, "Cafeteria Covenant - the voice, the choice, and the challenge" (2012), details her journey and tells the stories behind some of the songs on her 2011 CD release, "Well Seasoned." Two songs from that album, 'Rock of Ages Lullaby' and 'Harvest Dance,' have played on Inspirational radio stations across the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Great Britain and Internet Radio. Two others have been in the Top Twenty at for more than six months.

Emeigh is a gifted speaker, expounding on the New Covenant and her personal relationship with God. She is also a photographer, artist and teacher, with graduate degrees in Reading and TESOL.