Staten Island, New York, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Hailing out of New York City's Staten Island borough, D-Minus has grasped the attention of the streets ear throughout the city and to afar. His decisive flow and keen street conscience gives fans insight on his life and dynamic voice commands the attention of listeners worldwide.


Raised throughout New York's borough of Staten Island. D-Minus, born Derrick Minus, began his journey short-handed due to the passing of his parents before his adolescent years. His adaptation to youth sport became routine, as his curiousness of the world beyond the court lines became more prevalent. However, growing up in West Brighton neighborhood streets in the mid 90's fueled with crime and violence crippled the community of constructive outlets for it's youth, which garnered feelings of uncertainty for an sports career.

During his high school years, Hip-Hop emerged as medium for transcribing daily life situations. D-Minus would later join with fellow neighborhood friends and form a collective of MC's aptly titled "Young N Wreckless". Influenced by east coast Hip-Hop staples (i.e. Wu-Tang clan, The Lox) the groups name often reflected their brashness in the streets. After releasing mixtapes throughout the early-2000s, the group would ultimately disband in 2004 primarily due to musical differences, and legal troubles. D-Minus would later form a MC duo with former Y.N.W alumni Juice, and release series of street-anthem records entailing brash warnings, illegal stunts with much bravado, Juice's time short-lived due to federal jail time for a major offense, leaving D-Minus to take up for himself again. Discontent with his the quality of music being ushered in New York City radio stations top-forty formats, D-Minus, the would later create his own imprint HighGrade Music, Inc. with brother Damon M. and local music producer and childhood friend Brandon R. in 2009.

Preparing for his 1st solo release under the HighGrade Music label, D-Minus has been gathering the right momentum to sustain his brand to the masses. In late 2010, acclaimed producer 3rd Dig'em scouted D-Minus for his 'Dig'em Snack' mixtape with the record titled "Them". Re-introducing D-Minus as Staten island's premiere underground MC whose grasping the attention of industry taste-makers and fans alike, throughout the city and to afar.

D-Minus is currently prepping for the studio release of,"The Blackwater Project",funneled through his indie label.The album will feature production from Federal Tracks, Fresh Sean, Brandon Ross, MR.B, also artist features from Juice and Veech The Don. This full length album is jammed-packed with telling experiences, compelling concepts and solid Boom-Bap production to subsequently complement D-Minus as Hip-Hop's fresh new voices.