Dmitry Todorov

Dmitry Todorov

 Moscow, Moscow, RUS

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My little girl

Written By: Olga Grogan

My little girl

My little girl, don’t be so mean
Don’t play with me a Snow Queen.
My heart is melting with joy,
Don’t take me, girl, for Johnny- boy.

I am under your careless spell.
Treat me nicely, treat me well.
When the night is a pitchy dark,
Be for me like a shiny spark.


My little girl, you will make a pride
For any soul walking by your side.
You will, I know, you can
Take me, baby, for your real man.

You knock me out with your foxy eyes,
But then for me it’s not a big surprise.
My heart is melting with joy
I am your man, not a little boy