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Dmitry Wild

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Brown Owl Cafe (12/15/2011) Dmitry Wild"

When I found out that there would be a show at Brown Owl Coffee (1131 Taraval) I didn't much care who was playing. I was just excited to stroll down the street, three blocks from home, to see a free show. There was free mulled wine and everyone was friendly and wonderful. I don't drink anymore, but just knowing that this delicious looking beverage was there brought Christmas cheer into my heart. As I entered I was immediately greeted by the wonderful Masha, another sunset local. She told me she put on the shows at Brown Owl once a month and was excited to hear me talk about the projects I'm in (Curse Words and Permanent Collection). She also told me about her fabulous friend, Dmitry Wild, who was to preform.

What I came to see was a pleasant delight. Dmitry Wild started out the set with a dreamy sample and images of clowns on swings. Then he railed into a great Stone Roses cover . The first song I ever learned on bass actually, I Wanna Be Adored. Fate? Perhaps. I considered asking him if he needed a bass player or a backing band, but soon remembered that I already had way too much on my plate. His performance was full of motion and whimsical gestures. I received a copy of his album which is a lot more, how should I say suicide-esque, than the video I recorded. The song "He Is Like Air" set my new friend Masha and I into full swing dancing. He kept the motion going with the upbeat hit "Say Wow". Dmitry obviously has a love and knack for performance, but the songs carry well into recorded versions. I'm definitly going to check this dude out again. Hell, maybe I can get him to play a show with Curse Words early next year (which is sooner than you might think).

Check him out at - Social Network Suicide

"Cavestompin' Near You!"

Dmitry Wild's got the blues. Not just any blues. Dmitry's got the electro-acoustic-garage-no wave- Delta blues. Sounding more like the forbidden love child of Alan Vega and Elmore James and less like the dude who just discovered The BRMC, Dmitry's spectral sonic blasts emanate not from Mississippi but from Kew Gardens, Queens... which explains a lot if he's a Mets fan.
John Weiss - Cavestomp!- The Garage Rock Festacular

"Russians rock New York"

“You don’t need a band to be able to express yourself,” said Dmitry Wild, who was born in Moscow, raised in New York City and now makes his home in California. This philosophy is why he performs solo, in a style of something he calls “electro-garage with vaudevillian flare.” Music for Wild is a “form of revolutionary expression;” it is him and the present moment and whatever he can do with it. Wild treats his guitar as a weapon and lives up to his name on stage. He has 5 albums out and is currently collaborating on a new EP with Volod, a producer and bass player from the famous Russian band Punk TV. On Aug. 31, Wild is playing the Cavestomp party at the Parkside Lounge in New York with a guest appearance by his wife, Mrs. Wild. “I’m not a nice artist,” Wild said, “and I’m not going to be nice at the upcoming concert.” - Russia Beyond The Headlines


"He is like Air" - 2010
"God, Ghost and the Ship" - 2010
"Punk Rock" - 2010



He now released 3 albums. Every album is unique and different. "He is like Air" is an electro - garage album. In "God, Ghost and the Ship" he explores more acoustic realms of music, mixing in occasional circus theme or a Tom Waits percussion. "Punk Rock" is his 80's influenced tracks with a heavy experimentation with loops and synths.