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Morbid Elements - Self Titled
Dmize The Jezter - Knight of the Dead
Morbid Elements - Nature's Fury
Ill Format Records Compelation - The Seance
Ill Format Records Compelation - Trick Or Treat
Ill Format Records Compelation - Celebration of the Dead
Dmize The Jezter - Sun of the Phoenix
DMIZE - Blood and Guts

Aside from this list of actually PUT OUT music, DMIZE, has been writing and making music for close to 16 years. He made music on Karaoke machines, Tape to Tape Ghetto Reeling, all the way until he obtained a professional standard where albums were actually being released and independently distributed



Dmize, (like batman, he hides his name), was born and raised in the city of Santa Fe, NM to a single mother, and 3 other siblings. Out of the 3, He decided to pursue his dreams, and his passions; starting at a young age. By the age of 16, he had done enough dirt most do by the time they 21, from b and e to 211 on an allsup's gas station with a watergun, just to get what he wanted. Never a man of violence, but of humbleness, he did what he had to do to eat. Or so his brain thought, was the right way to eat when backed into a corner. He grew up in the streets, his friends; common hoodlums and street kids. He experienced alot of things wrong and fucked up in the world to where he felt there was a need to let it out and do stuff with his life that was about living.
In Jr. High, Dmize found the outlet of music. Since elementry, he had wanted to play in a band, or learn how to play the basic of instruments, the piano. He was and is still so dedicated to music, he even signed up for choir. After learning how to read music, Dmize went out and bought a keyboard, and began composing his own music. Soft melodies, to dark powerful chords.
Rap was a big influence on Dmize. He grew up in the days of NWA, and Dr. Dre's "The Chronic era", and experienced the entire generation of Gangsta Rap. He gained influences from those artists, to Ice T, to DMX, to Spice 1, to KRS-1, Eazy E brought Bone Thugs. He even picked up into some East Coast. He got influenced by, Big L, Notorious BIG, the Beatnuts, The Alkoholiks. 2pac (he was in brooklyn at the time) Overall, he began to like rap that had meaning. One day, in 1993, a kid moved from detroit with his family to the area, we became freinds. He showed Dmize ICP and He Loved IT. So they became an influence as well. The other area of music that got Dmize's interest was Death Metal. HE LOVES THAT SHIT. He gained a few freinds in that scene and would even go to shows just to mosh in the pit and get drunk afterwards. One day, Dmize and some freinds said fuck it, and decided to make a tape. He went by the name of Blaze One. They went out and bought a radio that had a Karaoke style feature with it, and stole a microphone. they hung it from a ceiling, and jacked some instrumentals from popular artists who were putting out singles with insturmentals. in the midst of bullshit. In of 1996 , his brother, and neighbor hood friend, recorded their very first song "My Crib" to the beat of "Bow Down" by West Side Connection when they stole the single when it dropped, before the actual album came out. 4 tapes pursued. (yes cassettes. do you know what that is?? lol.) Dmize dropped the name "Blaze One" upon discovery, it was a widely popular name, quite to his contrary.
Things took a dark path, and Dmize had to conquer some demon's in his life. The millenium was approaching and his life was on a path to "hell" like no other. Faced with the option to move to the East Mountain area, of Albuquerque, or stay on the demon path in Santa Fe. Weighing his options he moved. He got back into school, and met some people there. 3 of them became real good friends with Dmize. Dmize showed his friends his tape and he liked it. They too wanted to make music, and were interested in either joining a band or rappin. Dmize showed him how he made music, and a new course was made. THE SEDIZTIK JEZTERZ were born. They made a tape and began to show other people at school. They grew a little following and. One fateful evening. One of the members was murdered in cold blood at a park in Albuquerque. Dmize and the remaining member, made another tape, but gave up with the entire project after a while. it just wasn't right to them. They did however. Get into the performing arts, and started doing concerts.
During this time, we met IllNickell and Smallz One. They too were rappers, but were not into horrorcore as much as we were. They were into comedy style rappin, and crackin jokes all the time. Like IllNickell took a Chingy beat and made a so