My music is what I like to call Rock and..... It's a blend of rock and any other style of music needed to create a visual and emotional effect. It can be rock and jazz or rock and r&b or rock and classical or rock and hip hop but the foundation will always be rock!


Ever since I was old enough to hold a microphone I have been a lead vocalist. Born in Baltimore, MD, my mother says I used to moan in the crib like Ray Charles. She made sure I was in church putting my talents to use and getting quality morals. My brother, cousin and I started singing in church as a group, then singing at family reunions and eventually forming our own band. We stepped up to variety shows, Battle of the Bands contests and just all out gigging. Everyone was older than I and their music tastes spanned the horizon. I grew up listening to the Hawkins Family, Stevie Wonder, Led Zepplin, Run DMC, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and my all time favorite, Prince.

After High School I went to Hampton University and even though music was a huge influence in my life I majored in Sociology. However, I spent so much time in the music and theater departments that people thought surely one of those had to be my major. Continuing my trend in college I performed with the jazz and gospel choir and of course became the lead vocalist for a campus band. I also found my way on stage as an actor, and in my senior year I did something no other non-theater major had ever done. I swept the Hampton University Theater Awards, winning Outstanding Actor, Outstanding Hampton Player and Most Versatile Performer. Upon graduation I knew I wanted more!

With God’s blessing I started my trek down the entertainment road. I became the lead vocalist of a band named Cover Page. We played all over the Washington DC/MD area and eventually released our own CD. However, my star needed bigger skies. Not only have I been writing, producing and singing music but also I have made a career for myself as an actor. I have performed in movies, television, and on Broadway. Thanks to acting I built a recording studio in my home, Black Scorpion Recording Studio, started a record label, Roe Records, formed a management co., Wuggafoot MNGT and now I have released my first solo album called Don’t Scream.

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a lead vocalist. I’ve done it all my life. So it only makes sense for me to turn it into a solo career. I like the comradery of a band but I love taking the bull by the horns.



Written By: D'Monroe and Boko Suzuki

My heart beat explodes
Inside your mind
Your brain’s on overload
It’s just a matter of time
Deep within you know
You can’t resist my power
Your body fluids let go
Cause now’s the waking hour
I will crush you

Stomp shakalaka move ahh
Stomp shakalaka boom (Repeat)

The thunder of my voice
Brings you to your knees
You have no choice
You’re begging to do as I please
The echo of my sting
Annihilates your will
A puppet on a string
I leave you with a chill
I will crush you


Red Star

Written By: D'Monroe and Alan Childs

A star fell from my eye
A row of red girls shot across the sky
And they became you
We dream a distant past please don’t cry
There’s more to the story

If you find the time you’ll realize
The red star’s calling for you
This won’t be another lonely good bye
The red star’s calling for you

Venus collides
A black hole took us for a ride
Navigated by the stars
A comet twirled our hearts side by side
Now I know God does smile

If you find the time you’ll realize
The red star’s calling for you
This won’t be another lonely good bye
The red star’s calling for you
If you miss the feeling of our nights
The red star’s calling for you
Close your eyes and visualize

You had so much faith in me
Now all you have to do is just believe
See it feel its warmth


Falling Apart

Written By: D'Monroe

Hurry hurry hurry step right up…

Falling apart
Life deals a red mark
Depression starts
It’s tugging at your heart
Singing oh hey oh hey

Too late to cry
You wanna die
Cause you can’t hide
All the pain inside
It’s got you oh hey oh hey

Terrified of what’s plaguing you
Feel like God has forsaken and forgotten you

Pull it together
You’re losing your faith
Life gets better
Just around the corner (Repeat)

A bird in flight
First you loose your light
Then you loose your life
Once was so bright
You’re falling oh hey oh hey

You feel sublime
But it’s not divine
Cause it’s not your time
There’s no reason or rhyme to it
Oh hey oh hey

The dream you chased moved so far away
You’ve come to believe there won’t be a better day


You gotta get up get up get up
Get up get up get up
Get up get up get up
Get up get up get up (Repeat) hey


Don't Scream

Written By: D'Monroe and Matt Beck

Secluded dark the sun lights certain marks
Wax drips on your body as I sip
Sweat and tears off your face and your lips
Ropes tighten on your ankles and your wrists
The warm sting of a slap across your face
Your eyes blur you don’t recognize the place
Your body braced for a horse tail pound
I bite your tongue and you don’t make a sound

(Shh) Don’t scream
Don’t scream
(Shh) Don’t scream
Don’t scream

Vibrations in your body make you call God and moan
I stop I look a gag changes the tone
A pull of your hair and it don’t seem fair
I call you a tramp now you’re real scared
A clamp for the nipple and a pull of the ring
An arched back is preparation for the pain that I bring
Your body writhes as I loosen up the ties
You beg for more and I’m certain to comply


You just lay there sweat drenched
Chest heaving gasping for air completely spent
Damn is that a tear I see
It’s joy clench your teeth
Girl you ready for round three

Suspended from the ceiling in a latex hood
I clip the straw in your mouth you can’t breathe too good
Wide open like an eagle now I go insane
Is it me that you feel deep in your membrane
It’s gotta be the “G” that makes you weak in the knees
I should charge a fee for pain and pleasure received
Done limp your body melts to the floor
With a smile on your face you yell please no more



New album "Don't Scream" available on cdbaby, iTunes and more.

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