Dmonstrations are the musical equivalent of a car crash with better timing. This (our music) is a clear example of what we eat live and breathe. It is not by chance, but by choice we make the music we do.


Not quite snotty enough to be dubbed a "punk" band, and not artsy enough to be considered "avant - garde", the band has no problems resting comfortably within the two genres. The opening track "silencer" gives the impression that this is going to be another lo - fi garagey record, but within the first 10 seconds the band dissolves that assumption with a full on sonic assault. Lyrical content of the songs span from freaking out, paranoia, breaking light speed, alternate means of hair cutting and reciting notes from grandma. The vocal patterns exhibited by Tetsunori Tawaraya range from operatic to shrieking. The Rhythym section provided but Nick Barnett and Aaron Wade are in serious need of some ritalin. DMONSTRATIONS deconstruct the formulaic approach of standard songwriting, but still maintain to have coherent rhythm and beats. Plain and simple, it is the sole intention of DMONSTRATIONS to vampireize the inhabitants of this tart blue - green marble which is called earth and spare no one at any expense. EMBRACE YR INNER DMON AND LET THIS BE THE SOUNDTRACK TO YR MENTAL BREAKDOWN.


-s/t CDEP on Strictly Amateur Films
-comp track on (Gold Standard Labs)GSL's "Golden Grouper" CD
-7" single as part of (Gold Standard Labs)GSL's "Special 12" 7" series
-Split 12"/CD with AIDS wolf on Strictly Amateur Films and Lovepump United
-EP coming soon to SAF fall 2005...
-CD/LP coming to GSL(Gold Standard Labs) 2006

Set List

Typical setlist: shining, sliencer, eight cans deep, texture, shining, golden bat, shunami. (8-10 songs)
sets range from 13 to 20 minutes at most. covers are tenatively planned, but nothing is set in stone. if we did a cover, it would probably be unrecognizeable.