Energetic Meldodic Punk Rock - so we would describe our music - but come and hear and see us on stage and you will know what we mean...


Est. in 1999 DMP started their way to over roll the hometown music scene...Punkrock with more than 3 Chords ;-) It doesn't matter if they play in front of 2000 or 20 will get ass kicked by the sound, the power and the fun they have on stage. ATTENTION - POGO DANGER!!!

With Gigs in Austria, Switzerland and of course Germany, their Fanbase grows more and more...if you want to know why...come and see us live!!!
You can also hear them on Samplers puplished in Germany and Europe!

Here are some locations where we rocked...

Sommercasino - Basel/Switzerland
Parterre - Luzern/Switzerland
Arena - Vienna/Austria
Standup Club - Fischamend/Austria
Drifters Club - Freiburg/Germany
and many more...

If you want more details of the band, visit our homepage! Stay Punk-Rock


To hear DMP in your house they recorded 3 CDS:
2001 - rather be nude a low quality but nice CD with 8 songs
2002 - only seven minutes the album title says everything...4 Song EP full of power
2005 - for god damned football a 4 Song EP with the latest effusions of the BAND...and their fun for soccer

Set List

15 own written songs with nice melodies and a lot of power...