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"Echoes In Eternity" 2002
Singles: "Fo' My Gangstas", "Wat U Doin"
"Can't Nobody Touch Us" 2005
Singles: "Me Da Cd", "This Mornin"
"Non-Fiction" 2007
Singles: "Talk Ta Ya", I'll See U Again", "No Homiez"



Dead Man, born into this HELL as Ricky Trujillo Jr. on 5/29/83 in Colorado Springs, Co. At an early age LIFE was hard. Himself, his mom (Y. Lobato),
his younger sister (C. Trujillo), & his youngest sister (S. Cobos) were left to live a LIFE anything other than luxurios, due to a fatal car accident which killed his father (Rick Trujillo Sr.) R.I.P. "At that point we moved from house to house till we found our resting place in tha "K" which is short fo K-LAND." "My hood on tha SOUTH SIDE of SPRINGS." Growing up in the "K" brought him to realize the struggle amoungst himself & his peers which in turn tought him "The Ways Of The Street" "That Gangsta Lifestyle" (STREET KNOWLEDGE). What school could not teach him. Past events forced him to be the man of tha house which lead him to grow up with barely a childhood. "My mom was a single mother trying to raise me & my sisters with barely nothing. "I know it was hard fo her given our circumstances, but she brought me up the best she knew how." School wasn't teaching him the skills he needed to SURVIVE, so he dropped out. Learning the know how from other sources. Around that time his LOVE for MUSIC escalated into a PASSION that would FOREVER become his DESTINY. Starting off by rapping over instrumentals off OLD SCHOOL records his dad left him, to COMPOSING, PRODUCING, MIXING, & MASTERING. Writing lyrics of REAL LIFE events that have happened in his LIFE have brought people to relate to his MUSIC, by understanding the HARDSHIPS that come from a LIFE of POVERTY, & SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES, or also experiencing these anomilies themselves. "I've been making MUSIC fo 8 years, in my eyes I feel BLESSED & THANK GOD fo given me this TALENT, & to share it with the WORLD."
Mobsta, born in the flesh as Jose Jr. Padilla born 1/8/85 in the city of Colorado Springs. He grew up raised by his mother (S. Padilla). She was the mother of seven children, five daughters Monita, Estella, Larie, Brandi, Sonia, & two sons Dominic a.k.a. (SAADOM) & Jose (MOBSTA). When he was just three years old his father, Jose Marquez had left his mother to raise, at the time his three children. Jose was forced to grow up without a chance to see his father or ever have a father figure to show him how to grow into a man, so he had to teach himself.

As life got harder changes had to be made. Jose was the second born so that made him the oldest man of the house. High school was rough to go to with all the problems that were going on back home. Without thinking much about it Jose had to drop out to help his mom pay the bills. With such a large family & a low source of income stress was an everyday factor to the family. He never had any friends growing up he mainly kept to himself, because he was more concerned about his family. "I NEVER USED TO LIKE ANYBODY, IT SEEMED THAT THERE WAS NOBODY LIKE ME". Jose has been in & out of jail as a juvenile for a various amount of reasons. At the age of 17 he was forced to commit a crime which eventually sent him to prison in his home state of Colorado. Since his release, Jose has been working hard to catch up with the time thatr he missed while incacerated.

Jose loves all types of music, he also shares that passion to write. When Jose was around the age of 16 he always used to freestyle raps to himself & to his family. They encouraged him to keep up with his talent. Since then he has been working hard & specializing with his lyrics by turning his life story into music. "WHEN I MAKE MUSIC I JUST BE MYSELF, THATS WHEN THE HITS COME OUT".

Jose appreciates every last one of his fans, but there are some people who won't give ear to his music because of his backround. "I GUESS THATS LIFE SOME PEOPLE FEEL IT & SOME PEOPLE". "I'LL TELL U ONE THING I WILL NEVER GIVE UP". "THIS IS WHAT I LOVE & IT'S HOW I LET THE WORLD FEEL MY PAIN".
Saadom, born as Dominic M. Padilla in Colorado Springs, Co. on December 13th 1985 to a not yet single parent family. Him & his family moved to Arizona where his mother & his soon to be absent father were seperated, after having 4 children due to a drug addiction. Needless to say he does not know or remember his dad. "I NEVA KNEW MY DAD SO I REALLY DON'T CARE TO KNOW OR FIND HIM." It's been said he's already deceased. While still in Arizona his mom meat the man who would become the father of the 3 youngest & a burden to the family. "I HAVE 1 BROTHER & 5 SISTERS I CONSIDER US ALL VERY CLOSE." They were never strangers to abuse, drugs, or hard times. Experencing homelessness, they were forst to live in shelters, parks , & trains. His mom did what she could to give her kids a somewhat decent life. So they were put into a kids homeuntill flown out to Texas. "ALTHOUGH WE HAD A HARD LIFE I NEVER BLAME MY MOM FO ANYTHING WE WENT THROUGH." They stayed with their grandpa, finally in a situation to start a new life. They found their way back to Colorado still living han