Dread Mighty Sine
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Dread Mighty Sine

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1998 Bad Dog Recordings
Drunk Niggas Aftadark (DM Sine & Mr. Duke G) - "Gittin' the Bubbles On"

1999 Nasty Trik Records
DM Sine - "The Norface Nigga" EP

2000 Chaz Productions
Off Da Wall (Knowledge, Raf & DM Sine) "Deadly EP"

2001 Roach Knuckles Wreckchordz
DM Sine "One Twenty" EP
(2005 re-release June 20th)

2005 Dread Intelligence Entertainment
312 All Stars (Various artists) "CAB 2005 Mixtape"
June 20th

2006 Nephew of Frank Records
Infinito 2017 "The Soul of Benjamin Banneka" (Production)

-Root Fruit Recordings
Graffiti Jones - "Seven" (Production)

Summer 2008
-Man Bites Dog Records
Swashbuckler Sampler Vol 1

Spring 2009
-Dread Intellect Recordings
Dread Mighty Sine & Maf Maddix split LP - Black Nationalist Porn

Summer 2009
-Dread Intellect Recordings
Typical Stereo Negros EP "The Negro Porblem"

-Man Bites Dog Records
Dread Mighty Sine "Low Budget Sabotage"



What is it you're tired of in todays MC's? Lack of wit? Nerve? Credibility? How about Bios? The same thing? Everyone seems to have the same selling point, the same reliable 'street cred', etc. What makes the Dread Mighty Sine different? Listen. Did you listen? If you have, then stop reading, because after you hear Sine, this is simply fluff... Native of the Northside of Chicago and member of the Off Da Wall Crew along with Remraf & Knowledge, Cyanide Crew with Griffen & Ja’Gane, and the co-founder of the massive Chicago-based Hip Hop family known as the Cold Ass Brothers. Sine gained notoriety in the nineties with his lyrics & production skills first in Chicago, then on the East Coast with the sincerity, humor and skill- honing his chops with (and on) many other name brand MCs.
Keep your eyes on Sine or you might miss this raw and hungry lyricist/producer at his apex. And you thought Hip Hop was dead!