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"I'm definitely a mutt with the tracks I choose and the topics I write about. God has blessed me with a flow that conforms only to the beat!However my default is somewhere between Holy Hip Hop & R & P. Get at me!"


Born and raised in Columbia, SC, D'MyStro (Christopher Davis, Jr.) was born into a Christian household and raised with such values. His father owned a recording studio out of the house when He was growing up, which first introduced him to the world of Holy Hip Hop. As he'd listen at night to the songs his dad would record, he would feel that he was called to do the same. So at the age of 9, Chris began to write rhymes, partnered up with Steven Oliphant, Jr., later to be know as pO'etik, They formed the group Dynamite, which went through a number of different name changes before it became 16 B.A.R.S. (Biblical Answers In Rap Sessions).

As D'MyStro grew, his skill level increased, and he'd always find a way to put his life in a song. He has been featured on a number of project, such as the "No Hope on Dope" Promo, pO'etik's mixtape, Speak Up, Tay's single, No Worries, and MC Rhema's compilation, NuWine, just to name a few.


2005- Mav'Rik/Maverick

2007- Following His Footsteps
2009- Charged Up (In Progress)

2006- All My Life (feat. SupaMan)
2007- Weak In the Knees RMX
2008- When I See You (feat. DeAnna Yarborough)
2008- Will You Marry Me (feat. Mr. LR)

Guest Appearances
1997- Bad Boys (MC Rhema)
2006- No Hope on Dope Promo (the About-Face Kids)
2007- Whatcha Lookin' At (W.O.G)
2007- Win or Lose (pOetik)
2007- The Fine Line (pOetik)
2008- No Worries (Tay)