Sounds like The Police, U2, Clash and Springsteen...with a nod to Public Enemy, AC/DC and Body Count...and the singer is Korean.


Acclaimed Korean American rocker DMZ//38 has been more than hot in his first year as a solo artist: he has garnered awards, front page news articles, radio action, prestigious concert dates and is working on an upcoming album. This rebel poet’s awards include Outstanding Political Band of the Year and a nomination for Outstanding New Artist at the 2005 Rockie Awards... View recent video feature on DMZ//38 on YTN Korea's 24-hour News Network.

Lead vocalist/songwriter DMZ//38 first came into prominence in the 90’s while attending Columbia University and helped form the band UghUghUgh. This band was part of the famed Black Rock Coalition which included groups like Living Color and Fishbone. He then co-founded the highly political Korean American rap group Fists of Fury after relocating to the West Coast, and has the distinction of being one of the first Korean hip-hop artists. Fists of Fury gained international acclaim for their work on inter-ethnic relations in the wake of the LA riots. DMZ//38 is classically trained in voice, percussion, piano and violin.

DMZ//38's lineup was formed in Los Angeles in mid-2005, and includes guitarist Ben Palvera graduate of Musicians Institute, and seasonsed session master Pat Godwin on drums. Their sound has been compared to artists as wide-ranging as Neil Young, early Clash, Pet Shop Boys, Public Enemy, and Violent Femmes. The name DMZ//38 refers to the De-Militarized Zone located at the 38th Parallel separating North and South Korea from the close of the Korean War in 1953 to the present day. It is perhaps the most heavily militarized region on the planet, an area former President Bill Clinton referred to as the “scariest place on Earth.” DMZ//38 pledges “to never be silent until Korea is reunified and my name itself becomes a historical term.”


Never Surrender

Written By: DMZ

Check these
numbered letters -
Thrown like daggers
Out into the night
I5, 323

And names
litter the mindscape
Blown like dust
Into the wind -
Lerdo -
Folsom -
Pelican Bay …

Fort Tejon
Make those blood-suckers pay


Keep your weapons sharp-
Split those bars
Slicing your, slicing your brain
Like wax,
All part of the tax
In a war to survive,
The apocalypse now…

Can you feel it now?

I walked
The fires of hell
With a ragtag crew
Ragin through my cell
Then on the way out
The door hit my ass
Funny way of showing me
They had no class

Now I'm set free
Though I burn inside
The wounds still fresh
There's nowhere to hide;
They killed all my heroes
Locked the rest up
But I rose from the dead
To tear this ship up –


No Man's Land LP (Taegukki Records, 2006)
Never Surrender EP (Taegukki Records, 2005)

"Sand" (Track 2) and "Never Surrender" (Track 1) receiving radio airplay on Imaginasian Radio and ISWM Radio

Set List

Set List:
No Man's Land
Never Surrender
Tomorrow's Sun
Heart Like A Rose
Sk00ter Grrl
Tired of being scared