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DNA6 is proof that hip-hop is not dead or even on life-support - it's just changing. DNA6 is the indie-pop/hip-hop crossover act that is being hailed by venues as one of the best live bands in Canada. They guarantee to make fans out of strangers half-way through their opening song.


"...Canada always seems to have some unique hip-hop going on (Swollen Members and early Buck 65) and DNA6 have knocked Jurassic 5 off their rap-for-people-who-don't-like-rap pedestal." --52shows.com

"...their unique and innovative approach to Hip Hop makes their new album Human Condition a must for any true fan of the genre." --Freshjamzonline.com

DNA6 is proof that hip-hop is not dead or even on life support - it's just changing. DNA6 is the indie-pop/hip-hop crossover act that can turn entire new audiences into fans halfway through their opening song. The secret to their success is their positive message combined with a top quality performance backed by a full live band. With elements of hip-hop, funk, jazz and pop they steal fans of any of those genres. Currently being hailed by venues as one of the best touring acts in Canada, the band's popularity has grown by leaps and bounds as the word catches on. Main members are Alex Maher, Mario Vaira and MC Dosia, and joined onstage by David Spidel (bass), Ryan Stewart, Tim Proznic or Brendan McLean (drums), and Chad Taylor (trumpet and keys).

The DNA6 sound is a combination of hip-hop, funk, jazz and pop influenced by artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, D'Angelo, Talib Kweli, Sade, Elliott Smith and Miles Davis. With top musical talents, Alex Maher (vocals, sax, guitar, percussion, beatbox) , MC Dosia (vocals) and M. Prime (vocals and guitar), DNA6 drops multidimensional, intelligent rhymes on top of their funky, original musical tracks. Their second album, Human Condition, brings a new era of hip-hop straight from Vancouver's underground music scene, engulfing a wide audience with their distinct cross-over hip-hop/funk sound.

DNA6 was formed in 2004 and released their first self-titled album the same year. The band released their second album, Human Condition, in 2007 and have toured frequently through Western Canada as well as performing at key shows at the 2007 World Freestyle Ski Championship, New Music West, Crankworx in Whistler and the Vancouver Folk Fest. They have also had a song placed in the world famous mountain biking video, Seasons (Collective Films), in the feature length movie That One Night (Lion’s Gate Films) as well as licensed songs on several compilation cds. The band's sound is a unique blend of pop, hip-hop, funk and jazz elements which, combined with their intelligent and often poetic lyrics, provide a welcome new sound in the world of hip-hop. The show consistently makes new fans on the spot and has an unparalleled energy. Dugg Simpson, former director of the Vancouver Folk Fest called DNA6 the best live band in Vancouver.

Both Alex and Mario have worked on several musical projects over the past 10 years, and have played together since they were they were fifteen years old. Alex and Mario studied together under Bryan Stovell, acclaimed teacher of Diana Krall, performing with several award-winning high-school jazz bands, Alex on saxophone and Mario on guitar. They were both members of the band Flannel Jimmy, which was signed to Nettwerk Records in 1999 and toured Canada three times on their first album with such notable acts as the Proclaimers and Wide Mouth Mason. MC Dosia met Alex and Mario in 2003 during a freestyle session at the Urban Well in Vancouver, BC.

The original, fresh sound of DNA6 is one of the hottest new bands to watch for as they are fast becoming a force on the Canadian music scene.



Written By: (A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira)

Bass: Earl Pereira, Guitar and Sax: Alex Maher

you’re never gonna work it out
you’re never gonna realize that
life is not about
always trying to lay the blame
you’re gonna always feel the same
if you don’t change
pushing the envelope, hurdling borders
do what I want with my music, I ain't following orders
rubbing two quarters together trying to spit out a buck
sometimes I'll end up with two dimes shit outta luck
but then I sit down, put some of my thoughts to words
the very second after the thought occurs
and it gives me a second of rest,
relieves what seems to be
an insurmountable amount of stress
piling up, at the same rate I shovel it out
treading water in this world I know nothing about
but never doubt who I am, or sell myself short
of what I'm capable of, long as I'm doing what I love,
I'll manage, use what I've been taught to my advantage
people trying to bring me down,
but they ain't doing no damage
I got my force field up, with a pen and a pad
living out each day like it's the best that I've had...
and everybody has their reasons
to keep on holding, to keep on believing
and everybody gets the feeling that they’re reeling,
but they keep on holding on…keep on holding on…
when, I, feel like I'm struggling,
juggling, too many things at once
and the weight on my shoulders is doubling,
I'm exhausted and I'm cutting it close to collapsing
I'll write a rap and start mapping out what's happening
from a bird's eye view and I'll,
open my third eye too so I,
can see the world from different angles,
loosen the tangles
slip my head free of the noose,
while the hangman strangles
the unaware, while I'm right there, watching them do it
breathing the same air, watching them all go through it
but they don't even try to fight it,
they just bear it and bite it
all I can really do is think of different ways to write it
jot it down, bringing it to life with sound
we're just trying to be discovered and
do something profound
although I'm thankful, just to be alive and breathing
but then, we all got our reasons for
holding on and believing...
from word to line to
page to stage I build
my mission is to make sure every
single mind is filled with questions
so better tighten your belt
'cause every answer you need
gotta find in yourself
(that's the truth)
might be easy to say;
a lot easier than fighting for it
day after day; a lot
easier than making a change
because you don't realize it's your soul that is
taking the strain
was never a game
yet you just laugh it off - you can't
take the pain so you just
pass it off, yeah that's
courage that you're casting off
put it in the past
don't mean you're ever moving
past the loss
'cause these paths we cross
can leave you turned right ‘round
and every step you make just
bring you back down
while moss grow heavy on your rolling stone
'til those seeds are sown and
you stop and drop alone
you know every number you got
break down to one
yet you still wanna be divisible by none
you're already done - better open your eyes
your disguise will never fool the one that
spun those lies (that's right)
I think you start to understand
everything you need you got in both hands
now what you gonna do
with those master plans?
time for a change...
and everybody has their reasons
to keep on holding, to keep on believing
and everybody gets the feeling that they’re reeling,
but they keep on holding on…keep on holding on…


Written By: DNA6

(A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira)
Guitar: Alex Maher

living for the city,
payin’ loan debts,
making your own bed
but sometimes, you still sleep on the couch,
not always knowing what your role is
or learning what control is
even the greatest had to struggle with doubt
you’ve thought a lot about your motives
finding ways to focus on everything
that you’ve been dreaming about
amount to something more than
coke fizz
that just rose to the top,
and then started to drop
I’ll sing it one time
if you don’t mind
every little doubt in your head
you gotta leave it behind
before you’re losing your mind
every little step, that you
gotta skip is another one left
that you gotta do over again
but you don’t know where to begin

sometimes, I feel like time is the enemy
a strange and unchangeable entity
but in exchange of it draining my energy
it replaces the pain with serenity
and though its pace can erase
any trace of the memory
of me, I hope in any case they remember me
there's something telling me,
I'm right where I'm meant to be
shining my light on the world, with an intensity
too intense to see, independently
transcend beyond the limits of this industry
focus mentally, so tremendously
on my goals that eventually
I'll break free from dependency
some would say I'm too young, barely 23
but I know what it is I intend to be
they call me Dos an MC for the 21st century

open my eyes - a brand new day
shut 'em for another 5
let the light play tricks
on the back of my mind
I reminisce and I find
negatives left back in behind like frames
images play a faded song
I wait another second till it's gone
the ambient light - it's strong
pulls me fully awake
I hear beats and breaks - the city as it moves along
these sounds I relate to them
hear the fate of men;
build high just to tear it down
so I try to find peace again
I release the pen
feel the weight of my words surround
splash water just to clear my mind
in the mirror find
a stranger staring back at me
but I know that the face is mine
I can trace the lines
of my life so easily, back
to where it began
until I see things I don't understand
like when I left home thought I had a plan
stay strong like my grandfather’s hands
but time demands that you fall in line
the beat goes and you're one step behind
but every choice of mine
is echoed by a voice that I can't define
so I listen for these signs


DNA (LP, released 2004)

Human Condition (LP, released 2007)