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Our Sound ranges from Hip Hop to Soul, there are many musicians out there that we've learned something new from. We've taken out the old, and replaced it with the new. The Rap/Hip hop Genre needed to be reinvented , DNA & Catalyst are bringing that reinvention to the table.


Our music is an anthem for the location we live, representing East Coast Canada to show the rest of the world that we are on the map, and we are not going anywheres. From the 90's hip hop beginning to the explosion of rappers to date , there are so many generic sounding artists in our field, its ridiculous. It's a challenge just to be unique ,to be creative , we don't want to sound like the rest of the world so we improvise, creating music about Canada, The East coast , Miramichi and river city Frederiction. We are just beginning to leave an impact on communities , it's very inspirational to see somebody you know actually heading in the right direction in his or her life , and we are setting that tone. Demand for more is exponential, it keeps our heads above water ,keeps us creative, and keeps us wanting to give more to our Friends and Fans


DNA & Catalyst - The Con Science EP
Dna & Catalyst - Rez Life Mix tape


Set List

DNA&Catalyst - 2 live is 2 die
DNA&Catalyst - Classical Murda Feat.Big Werm
DNA&Catalyst - Eye of The Storm Feat.Big Werm
DNA - Learn Ya Lessunz
DNA&Catalyst - MasterMindz
DNA&Catalyst - Mice N Men
DNA&Catalyst - The Time Iz Now
Catalyst - That's Life Feat.Big Werm
DNA&Catalyst - Vengeful Crime Feat.Big Werm
DNA&Catalyst - Worldwide