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Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus | INDIE

Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Cyprus DOES have a ghetto"

Just goes to show that hip-hop truly is universal. I copped this even though I don't understand a word of the lyrics, the beats and flows are that tight. Get a copy if you truly love hip-hop. - James King

"C|Net Editor"

As innovative as it feels to Western ears, this Cypriot ensemble's cross of Mediterranean modes with hip-hop stylings quickly proves its own logic. Because they keep melody a feature of rhythm, DNA's traditional stringed instruments can slip seamlessly into pointed rap beats and tongue-tripping flows. - C|Net

"Haji Mike"

THE SCENE - is buzzing, alternative and much more autonomous than a decade ago. Music is the subject matter. There's so many more people doing things these days compared to the mid-1990's and so many new ways in which to promote as well. DNA are a hip hop group who have a 5 track release called 'Syxnotites - Frequencies'. All independently produced and released songs in the Greek and Cypriot dialect. Reality as seen from perspectives of rappers Decayer Lygas and MegaHz.. One thing that distinguishes DNA not only on a local level but also from many groups in Greece is their use of 'laika' popular Greek loops. This is a good thing as most people want to sound like globalized r&b /hiphop blueprints. I have always advocated music should be that which expresses the people making it - whatever instruments or beats this may mean. In the process HipHop itself becomes more planetary - more diverse and expressive. But it's not only the sound, but also the subject matter that makes this a rather unique reflection of Cypriot reality. Imagine tuning into a radio dial and finally finding what you have been looking for all these years. More info on this release and many others can be found at www.hiphop.com.cy - Cyprus Mail

"CD Baby"

Here's an album like we've never received before: hip hop from Cyprus! Participating in the biggest underground hip hop concerts in Cyprus as well earning television, radio and magazine visibility, DNA continues to build their reputation locally and abroad and it's no surprise why they are proving to be so successful in that endeavor. Blending a mix of traditional instrumentation with an alternative approach much like we see in the West, they are broadly versed in the building of texture and musical plot and their music explodes at the seams with integrity, intelligence and talent. Any fan of hip hop, whether amateur or pro, should take note of this up and coming group. - CD Baby


DNA’s first discography production is released on April 2006 ! We are talking about the EP "sihnotites" with the following 5 songs:

01 - Tis Tixis Ermaio (Left to chance) 4:06

Talks about the games of chance and human nature. It is about man who is so weak compared to nature.
Lyrics: Decayer, MegaHz
Music production and mastering: Mush

02 - Michalakis 3:06

It is a satirical piece describing the story of a 13year-old kid who believes that he is a big music star.
Lyrics: Decayer (Cypriot dialect)
Music production and mastering: Mush

03 - Poria Antistasis (Course of resistance) 6:46

“…course of resistance now, always and everywhere, friend I’ve learned to see the invisible hands of the enemy” (translation of the lyrics of the refrain of the song)
Lyrics: Decayer, MegaHz
Music production and mastering: Mush

04 - Vorras kai Notos (North & South) 4:34

A song preferred mostly by older than younger fans. It talks about North and South Cyprus, the occupied and “free” parts, and how the younger generation realizes this reality that contradicts with the views of a mother who was forced out of her house during the invasion.
Lyrics: Decayer, MegaHz, Lygas
Music production and mastering: Mush

05 - Kypriaki Pragmatikotita (Cyprus Reality) 3.27

The climax of every DNA concert. The sounds of the Greek “zeimbekiko” accompanied by Cypriot lyrics make fans go crazy!!
Lyrics: Decayer, MegaHz (Cypriot dialect)
Music production and mastering: Mush

Some tracks of DNA were released in compilation cds in Greece and UK.
more news can be found at the cypriot hiphop website



Historical Background (as of April2006):

The DNA band (a.k.a Dimiourgoi Neas Antilipsis) was created around 2002 by Andreas Constantinides (MegaHz) and Theodoros Varnava (Decayer). Based on their mutual love for music along with an important element: their extensive knowledge of music especially hip-hop, they took the decision to create a hip-hop group in Cyprus that would make a difference since it would concentrate on real hip-hop with qualitative sound and serious lyrics. Their aim was to gain fans that not only loved hip-hop, but fans that appreciated good music and were of all ages.

A year later, and with a lot of successful concerts under their belt, DNA welcomed Nadia Kalogianni (Lygas) and Alex Pareas (Mush). Mush’s pioneering sound productions and the introduction of female vocals, helped DNA to gain even more respect by the Cypriot and international hip-hop scene.

With interviews to several Cypriot magazines, television and radio appearances as well as live performances at the biggest hip-hop/underground concerts in Cyprus, DNA continue up until today increasing their fans’ number and making hip-hop more widely known not only in Cyprus but abroad as well.

DNA took part at the New Year’s Eve parties of 2005 and 2006 after being chosen by the Municipality of Nicosia. They performed live in front of a full of fans square.
DNA are the first Cypriot band to perform live in the biggest hip-hop festival in Europe under the name: “Hip-Hop Kemp 2005”, that took place in the Czech Republic and had a live crowd of more than 13000 people from all over the world.

Andreas and Theodoros with the help of many people from the Cypriot hiphop scene organized the biggest Hip-Hop festival that has ever been organized in Cyprus. It is called: “Hip-Hop Fest 2005” and took place on November 15th 2005 at the club Treno and gathered more than 500 people and had as highlight of the night former Terror-X-Crew now AE live coming from Greece. The concert was opened by Cypriot groups from all over Cyprus and the DNA. This festival was supported by Cyprus Youth Organization.

Andreas and Theodoros have set up and currently support the website www.hiphop.com.cy, which supports all hip-hop groups and all those who are ‘devoted’ in hip-hop music.

DNA are now doing songs with UK producer Benjamin K and singer Nicola K and moving on for more shows in Europe.

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