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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Trick or Treating you to "The Features""

(October 31, 2008 - Los Angeles) Trick or Treat, as promised, at 10:31AM on 10.31.2008 DNEZ offers a new audio treat for your Halloween weekend and beyond. The Features, a 9 track collection of some of the joints DNEZ has ripped thru in a short time. Includes the new party anthem Shag (with that undeniable Pharcyde sample) and the underground classic: It Is What It Is with El Prez. Inglewood stand up. EAZEE STREET serving it up first. ENJOY!!!

DNEZ - The Features
1. Shag
2. It Is What It Is
3. I'm With That
4. Pow Wow
5. It's Not Right
6. 405
7. Spaceships
8. Mop Em
9. Grip Talk
Bonus Track: Jheri Kurl

(Oct 22, 2008 - Los Angeles) DNEZ will be releasing his new project: The Features right here on Eazee Street on Halloween at 10:31AM. That way u have it ready for your Halloween excursions and the rest of that weekend. Here is the 1st leak, Shagg. I've had this for a minute...and it stays in rotation. U can't deny the sample or that LA flavor off this one. STAY TUNED for "THE FEATURES"!!!
- Eazeest.com Where LA happens

"New Music DNEZ "Shagg""

(January 2, 2009 - Nottingham, MD)NEW MUSIC - EL PREZ & DNEZ (THE DROPOUTS) "DROP" Some new shit from my boys out west, El Prez & DNEZ. This joint is off of an upcoming project the two are working on entitled The Drop under the group name "The Dropouts". Check it.

(November 15, 2008 - Nottingham, MD) NEW VIDEO - EL PREZ FEAT. DNEZ "IT IS WHAT IT IS"

(October 31, 2008 - Nottingham, MD) NEW MUSIC - DNEZ "SHAGG" New music from my boy DNEZ entitled "Shagg." This is off the upcoming album "The Features" which drops on Halloween over at Eazeest. This new joint samples Pharcyde’s "Passing Me By." Enjoy!

(August 27, 2008 - Nottingham, MD) NEW ARTIST – DNEZ “FROM THE A-TOWN TO YO TOWN” Shouts out to my extended family on the west coast and all those throwin’ the WE without the E up!

Adding to the list of artists making dope music in today’s industry full of posers, copycats, imitators, fakers, lames, jackers, etc. etc.(first it was retro, now everyone’s a fuckin’ space cadet), newcomer DNEZ is keeping it really real son.

Hailing from Inglewood, DNEZ is a producer, rapper, songwriter, barber, cheesecake factory employee, flight attendant, Wal-Mart greeter…haha. Aight, I kinda went over the top after songwriter, but dude is true a renaissance man. With tracks like “So Cali” and “Iroc Logo,” this cat is on his way to making a name for himself.

DOWNLOAD, rock to these joints on your own, and make sure you hit up his website for more bangers. Don’t forget; when he blows up remember who put you on first.
- The Super Official Blog - www.Superxofficial.com

"Floss Angeles January 8, 2009"

(January 3, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA) "FLOSS ANGELES" BY FCC FAM (Convinced, El Prez, Dale Danja, DNEZ, C-San & Chris Focus) [UNMASTERED] I think we’re kicking off the New Year right, right? We gave y’all the Super Friends post with some of the East Coasts’ fintest spitkickers, now here’s the “L.A., L.A.” (no C-N-N) version with some of the Left Coast’s own. Props to E-Dub.

(January 1, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA)EL PREZ & DALE DANJA - PERFECT STRANGERS I’ve never been to a party that didn’t involve a parent or a friend of my parents until last night, people. I now realize that I was fucking up. Anyways, let’s continue to kick this New Year off right with the title track from El Prez and Dale Danja off their upcoming collaborative EP. Props to E-Dub. UPDATE: Here’s a bonus track off Prez and DNEZ’ upcoming team effort, Dropouts.

(November 11, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA) EL PREZ - IT IS WHAT IT IS F. DNEZ (VIDEO) Last week I showed some behind the scenes footage, now here is the official video off The Daily Show EP, featuring DNEZ.

(January 1, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA)

- www.2dopeboyz.com/

"El Prez - It Iz What It Iz feat. DNEZ - Moscow, Russia"

(November 15, 2008 Moscow, Russia) [VIDEO] EL PREZ - IT IZ WHAT IT IZ FEAT. DNEZ I know this puts a little bit of that ultra-hatred on my blog, like "wtf he just shitted on Weezy's new mixtape and now puts out a video of some underground backpack cat and says he likes it", but I couldn't care less. Here' s a video of CA's own El Prez, it's good. But what's really good is the track to it, off Prez's EP "The Daily Show" which is sick. I remember I downloaded it cause I had nothing to do, thinking I would probably delete it later. But it stayed in the playlist. Not that it's some super-pop shit, but I fucks with it.

Also, check out the dude that's featured on this track, DNEZ. www.eazeest.com put me on this. - Finanshall Times Blof Of A Superior Alien Rapper - www.finanshalltimes.blogspot.com

"El Prez ft DNEZ - “It is what it is” Italy November 19, 2008"

(Novembre 19, 2008, 11:52 am - Italy) EL PREZ FT DNEZ - "IT IS WHAT IT IS" VIDEO




- Ibbanez World - www.ibbanez.wordpress.com/

"2008: A Year In Reflection - Hawiian Island"

(January 4,2009 - Hawaiian Islands) "FLOSS ANGELES" BY FCC FAM (Convinced, El Prez, Dale Danja, DNEZ, C-San & Chris Focus)[UNMASTERED] I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Fresh Coast Collective has been setting things off right since the jump of ‘09, yes? If you disagree, you can kick rocks bitch. I’ve been here & there with the blogging, due to my first priority which also pays the bills. Luckily for me, I have my dude Shawn Chrystopher holding it down nicely right here. He is now officially another contributor for KNOWxONE, I’m honored to have him aboard. Anyway, here’s a new jawn featuring nothing but apparent pure talent from the FCC camp. Links swiped from FCC fam Meka.

(January 3,2009 - Hawaiian Islands) 2008: A YEAR IN REFLECTION Although not the strongest year for Hip-Hop, and music in general, there were many ingenious projects that emerged in 2008. Some of these were well hidden behind the flooding of the all-too-familiar, corporatized mainstream filler albums, which seemingly put them well below the radar. Other projects were groundbreaking but at the same time catching negative press from biased, closed-minded music journalists. Take for example, KanYe West’s gut-wrenching yet ear pleasing 808s & Heartbreak which saw Yeezy take autotune to a whole new level. Some critics were just not ready to accept the fact that Kanye has shown more growth as not just an artist, but a human being. Having lost so much in the past year, Yeezy opened up his heart to the world taking the Phil Collins approach. Some may just have simply not understood it, others just did not even give it a chance. And speaking of chance, that’s exactly what ‘Ye did. Delving into electronic music and 80s synth pop, he most definitely provided something unique, both to the Hip-Hop world and the pop world. You just cannot simply hate on growth. The DMV (DC / Maryland / Virginia) proved to the world that their city is just bubbling with talent, from Wale & his unique “The Mixtape About Nothing,” to Studio 43’s Marky, and his impeccable grind and down-to-earth personality. The homies Lyriciss, Pro’Verb and Nando have all put in work, always persistent at whatever they did and paving the way into the industry. They most certainly set themselves up for what seems like guaranteed success in the very near future, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been by their side throughout the struggles and tribulations, although not in the physical.

Former Res producer / songwriter Santogold sprang to the top of the charts using an authentic ‘artiste’ approach to experimental pop, dabbling in multiple genres including electro, punk rock, crunk and infectious reggae riddims. Tanya Morgan’s own Von Pea released an exceptionaly great mixtape (“The Misadventures of Von Pea”) which still holds true to heavy in my iTouch rotation and NYC’s own Donny Goines made lots of noise by staying humble, sharp, precise and bona fide. Add to the fact that he stayed busy, constantly grinding and performing. Solange rightfully said “Fuck the industry” and E-40 dropped an album, I think. Detroit’s own Illa J and Black Milk put a stamp on their cities, dishing out an album each, respectively, that will stand the test of time. Replay value? You better believe it. 88 Keys did the unthinkable and put out a conceptual album that was all around cohesive. Many have tried this, but failed miserably. KiD CuDi dished out what will most likely be one of my favorite mixtapes, ever, all the while putting Cleveland on the map; simply from an underground hit (Day N’ Nite) which undoubtedly put him in the limelight, and further pushing his career. From rocking hard on the A-Trak helmed Fools Gold Records to the recent signing to KanYe’s G.O.O.D. Music, you can’t front that Scott Mescudi’s name was buzzing everywhere you went, whether it was on one of your favorite blogs or hearing his “Mr. Solo-Dolo” anthem in a club. Mick Boogie definitely set some sort of world record(s) for putting out some of the years dopest mixtapes, including projects with RA The MC and Marky, an post VH1 Hip-Hop Honors mixtape, and remix / mashup projects such as Viva La Hova, Adele - 1988, and Kanye West - Sky High.

Finally, setting sights on the Fresh Coast, California saw an increasing rise in the talent pool that birthed such prestigious up & coming acts like U-N-I, Pac Div and Fashawn. A collaborative effort was recently founded and has become what many of you now know as The Fresh Coast Collective (which includes yours truly along with Whateyethought, Eazee St., The Notorious Blog and 2DopeBoyz), this collective of like-minded bloggers fans of Hip-Hop who just happen to write, helped propel a whole new era of MC’s who are sure to be making a splash in 2009. The line-up of the Now Era includes, but are not limited to: Convinced, El-Prez, Chris Focus Three-1-Zero, DNEZ, Diz Gibran, Shawn Chrystopher, DJ Spintelect, J-Trax, E, Inverse (Tunji) and so much more. (I’m sorry if I missed anyone). This cream-of-the-crop pickings of supreme clientele are bringing back an essence that has surely been missing from not only the West Coast, but the sound of Hip-Hop in general. I salute you all, including my man Tassho Pearce whom currently dons the crown for Hawaii Hip-Hop, alongside Slapp Symphony, C-Gutta, Wun and Mushmouf. These lucrative careers are just the beginning. See you all in ‘09.

(November 28, 2008 - Hawiian Islands) 2008: A YEAR RECAP...Best Videos of the year…Other than “Uaintuponthis!” and “It Is What It Is“: U-N-I “Beautiful Day”, Evidence ft. Krondon “Solitary Confinement”, Curt@!n$ “Night of the living Dope”, Cool Kids “Black Mags”, Hollywood Holt “Hollywood”, C-San “LA Life”, Pac Div “Paper”, NERD “Everyone Nose RMX”, Convinced “Miss Memory” Tabi Bonney “Beat Rock”…

Inglewood, CA is the new center of the world…Hip Hop wise lol…from U-N-I, myself, C-San and Three-1-Zero, to Shawn Crystopher, Shawn Jackson, and Casey V., Hip Hop in the Wood is on an ultimate high right now…and ‘09 is gonna be a ride that you hope will never end…Next artists u need to know in 09: Dale Danja, Chris Focuz, Proton, Gripplyaz, Diz Gibran, and DNEZ….And last but def not least, the FCC is gonna be a force to reckon with, so go build the bomb shelters now and get ready cause “we about…to…BLOW…up!”- Martin Lawrence

(January 1,2009 - Hawaiian Islands) EL PREZ AND DNEZ - DROP El Prez and DNEZ have a collab project coming out under the name: The Dropout

Can’t wait for that!!

El Prez and DNEZ - Drop

EDIT: Prez hit us with the 2 for 1..so peep this one as well:

EL PREZ & DALE DANJA “Perfect Strangers”

(October 31,2008 - Hawaiian Islands) DNEZ-THE FEATURES As promised, my FCC bredren Brandon just dropped Inglewood artist Dnez’s mixtape, The Features.

1. Shag
2. It Is What It Is
3. I’m With That
4. Pow Wow
5. It’s Not Right
6. 405
7. Spaceships
8. Mop Em
9. Grip Talk
Bonus Track: Jheri Kurl
Dnez - The Features

(October 22,2008 - Hawaiian Islands) New music from Inglewood artist DNEZ. This is off the upcoming The Features which will be dropping over at Eazeest. on Halloween. This joint samples Pharcyde’s Passing Me By.

DNEZ - Shagg

Articles written by Ges Miyashiro

#### - Know One's Business www.knowxone.com

"New Music - DNEZ & El Prez [THE DROPOUTS] "DROP""

(January 7, 2009 - Atlanta, GA) NEW MUSIC - DNEZ & EL PREZ[THE DROPOUTS] "DROP" The left coast homies, Dnez and El Prez have teamed up to form the The Dropouts and will be dropping a collaborative EP very soon. Check out the first single, “Drop”….



(November 13, 2008 - Atlanta, GA) DNEZ - THE FEATURES ALBUM [FREE DOWNLOAD] fucks wit this dude. Hard.

Download his album HERE!

Oh…Dnez…me, Kim & Grip comin out there as soon as we get some damn money. We need 3 things: hoes, trees & tats…handle dat!!

(November 13, 2008 - Atlanta, GA) Dope ass, clean, simple video from the homies on the Left coast. Big shouts to El Prez for putting people up on Grip Plyaz & HUGE shouts to Dnez (1/2 of Starz Ink…produced about 45% of Grip Hop)…

Articles Written by Kei[s] Open Doors.

#### - Lavish Life Social Club +[Governed By Loyalty]

"DROPOUTS ( El Prez & DNEZ) - "Drop" - Poland"

(January 2009 - Poland) FCC FAM - "FLOSS ANGELES"Przed nami nowe nagranie ekipy FCC Fam, któr¹ tworz¹ Convinced, El Prez, Dale Danja, DNEZ, C-San i Chris Focus.

Prezentowany utwór nosi tytu³ "Floss Angeles". Kawa³ek jest dostêpny do pobrania pod poni¿szym linkiem.

Pobierz: FCC Fam (Convinced, El Prez, Dale Danja, DNEZ, C-San & Chris Focus) - Floss Angeles

Na zdjêciu Convinced.

New recording of crew before we fame FCC, they build (create) which (who) Convinced, el Prez, distances Danja, DNEZ, C-San and Chris Focus. Presented work bears title " angeles " Floss. Scrap is under following link for collecting available. It collect fame ( FCC Convinced, el Prez, distances Danja, DNEZ, & ) C-San Chris Focus on photo - angeles Floss Convinced.

(January 2009 - Poland)Przed nami nowy track duetu Dropouts, który tworz¹ El Prez i DNEZ.

Prezentowany kawa³ek jest zatytu³owany "Drop". Utwór mo¿na pobraæ pod poni¿szym linkiem.

Pobierz: Dropouts (El Prez & DNEZ) - Drop

Pobierz te¿: El Prez & Dale Danja - Perfect Strangers

Na zdjêciu ok³adka mixtape'u El Prez'a "Prez-A-Nomics".

ENGLISH:Before we new duet track Dropouts, they build (create) which (who) el Prez and DNEZ. Presented scrap is titled " " Drop. It is possible to collect work under following link. It collect el ( & ) Dropouts Prez DNEZ it collect - too Drop el & distance Prez Danja on photo plate mixtape prez - perfect el " " Strangers Prez-A-Nomics.

(November 2008 - Poland)Udostêpnione do pobrania zosta³o nowe nagranie El Prez'a.

Prezentowany track El Prezidente jest zatytu³owany "It Is What It Is". Goœcinnie w kawa³ku wyst¹pi³ Dnez. Bit wyprodukowa³ Dale Danja. Utwór pochodzi z nadchodz¹cego mixtape'u rapera pt. "The Daily Show". Link do kawa³ka poni¿ej.

Pobierz: El Prez feat. Dnez - It Is What It Is (rozmiar: 10 MB)

Pobierz te¿:
- El Prez - The Greatest
- El Prez feat. Indef - The Daily Show

Na zdjêciu ok³adka mixtape'u El Prez'a "Prez-A-Nomics".


New recording has been rendered accessible for collecting El Prez Presents his new title track Prezidente "It Is What It Is". It has taken a stand with fellow California Native Dnez.It is produced by Dale Danja. A forthcoming mixtape entitled "The Daily Show Prez-A-Nomics."The Link fot the EP is below.

Articles written by Sullivan - Rap Graffiti Breakdance Hip Hop - http://Sullivan.hip-hop.pl


DNEZ - The Features 2008

Iroc Logo - UCLA's Beet Music 2008 Compilaition

Grip Plyaz - Grip Hop 2008 (production)
"Yall Already Know"
"Hard In The Paint"
"King Kong"

H.T. - Hard Times 2006 (production)

Shamrock - "Entourage" 2008 (production)

Dukes of Daville - "Millinium Music Interlude" 2008(production)

Floss Angeles - El and the FCC 2008 writer Single

Cop Trees - El Prez and DNEZ 2009 writer Single

Red-Eye Flights ep - TreeHouse Club (2010) writer

Golden Days Purple Nights - TreeHouse Club writer



DNEZ is an American music producer, rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and California connoisseur. DNEZ was born and raised in Inglewood, CA, and currently spends his days between Los Angeles and Atlanta, GA. “First of all DNEZ "Great Look & Great Sound!!"--Urban hip hop with inspiring lyrics over rhythmic” knock", with very intense catchy hooks, makes it radio & club friendly. Lyrically abstract with beats slightly grimy, giving it "street credibility" with tons of abstract lyricism for days. East Coast meets West Coast - finally! Good Job! As I have heard and seen it all!” says C.Michael Brae-CEO Hitman Records, Inc - MP4Player.

Set to release his debut EP tentatively titled, “DNEZ…That’s Me” digitally to global music stores and press on demand distributors in January 2009, DNEZ feels it’s a good time for the release because “the mixing of genres has created a melting pot of sounds that has allowed artist like DNEZ to experiment and try new concepts”. In support of the new release DNEZ is promoting the album hitting the stage at local hotspots throughout Los Angeles (The Troubadour & the Roxy) and Atlanta and is looking forward to his Spring 2009 college radio tour. He is featured in the August 2008 Edition of Substream Music Press “The Breakout” section where DNEZ explains that he “wants to bring an alternative sound to the traditional west coast gangster rap.” You can also check out single “Iroc Logo” on UCLA’s student run label Beet Music’s compilation,” From The Ground Up.”

DNEZ is one half of the production duo, Starz Ink based in Atlanta, where along with Rob V, he produces, pop, hip-hop and R& B music. Starz Ink has produced for Proton, Gripplayaz, Shamrock, H.T., El Prez, and Pic Vicious. They also have upcoming projects with LaBratz, Da Backwoodz, and Hollyweerd. As an artist DNEZ “considers himself a producer first, rapper second” and plans to continue on his career path of producing for both mainstream and upcoming artists, while still entertaining the world as a rapper who embraces music lovers of all ages.

For information on DNEZ, check him out at his MySpace URL:
http://www.myspace.com/dnezmuzic and sign up for the DNEZ Fan Club to receive DNEZ updates. For additional booking information please contact his management at theklearancecompany@gmail.com.

09/17/2008 09:00 PM - THE TEMPLE BAR- EL PREZ SHOW

SANTA MONICA, California

09/07/2008 07:00 PM - AURA NIGHTCLUB
Studio City, California 91604

09/05/2008 09:00 PM - THE SPLIFF - EL PREZ SHOW
2324 cotner ave
Los Angeles, California 90064
Description:ROCKIN W/ EL PREZ

08/28/2008 09:00 PM - Room 342
624 w. whittier blvd
montebello, California 90640
Rockin W/ Pic Vicious and others
08/24/2008 09:00 PM - THE ROOM - PIC VICIOUS B-DAY SHOW
HOLLYWOOD, California 90189

08/06/2008 09:00 PM - The Little Temple 4519 Santa Monica Blvd
Silverlake, California
Description:DNEZ Rockin Live W/ El Prez and The Cheapskates!!!

07/26/2008 09:00 PM - Beauty Bar (Pic Vicious Show) 517 Fremont St A,, Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, California 89101
Description:Say What?! vs TILT Pillow Fight Club Going to support the homey Pic Vicious! Be there!!!

07/11/2008 08:00 PM - The Roxy On The Rox
9009 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, California 90069
HOLLYWOOD, California
Description:Performing With Pic Vicous and others...

06/17/2008 08:00 PM - The Troubadour
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90069
Description:Beet Music release party feat Hyper Cruch, VanCans, We Major and many more!

05/09/2008 08:00 PM - Temple Bar
Santa Monica, California