D-Nick Tha Microphone Misfit

D-Nick Tha Microphone Misfit

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As said by the legendary Afrika Bambaataa, D-Nick is the "Complete MC." Clever lyrics and song concepts that are just as potent acapella as they are over beats. Hip-hop with strong funk ties that can be appreciated by novice and enthusiasts alike. He has a very professional, polished stage show.


D-Nick "The Microphone Misfit" was a Hip-Hopper ever since he came out of his mothers whomb. However, music is not where the Midwest emcee got his start on stage. Born Dominique Stockman, D-Nickel (as he is sometimes called) grew up in Flint Michigan. As a youth D-Nick received his first performing experiences as an improvisation actor learning vocal and speech techniques, theatrical movement styles, and how to properly communicate and complete a story. It was D's theatrical skills that lead him to college in Chicago at DePaul University. In college D-Nick would often use his improve skills to show off in freestyle rhyme ciphers and upon doing that he ran into a group of individuals that would soon become his family of Microphone Misfitz. They were Charity Clay, Pete Proper & Young D.R.U. It was these three party rockers that Hyped D-Nick into entering the Source Unsigned Battle where he made it to the final three after battling through 20 rappers. The Fifth Misfit that made things come full circle was D-Nick’s long time theatre partner and friend Mel L. who talked the crew into becoming a dominant force in hip-hop. D-Nick has since expanded his team by joining F.E.W. (Fifth Element Warriors) a collective super group of the best Hip-Hoppers in Chicago. F.E.W. reps all five elements of hip-hop. Core members are: DJs Man-O-Wax & Arkitek, M.C. Pezent Waters, b-boys Super Inlight & Bravemonk making D-Nick the last pice of the puzzle. D-Nick has gone on to perform and open up for such acts as Afrika Bambataa, One Be Lo, Brother Ali, Rhymfest and many more! Remaining a Microphone Misfit through it all. With God, Knowledge of self the support of organizations like Free street theatre, Hip-Hop congress, and his crew nothing can stand in the way of D-Nick The Microphone Misfit.



"Consider the Future" (Lyons Den Ent.) LP-2004
"Brace Yourself for the Impact" (m.V.r./Lyons Den Ent.) LP-2008
"The Art of Facts Vol.1" (Regular Cat Productions)EP-2008

Coming Soon...
"The Herma-Puma Project" (herma-puma) LP-