D Numbers

D Numbers


"Masters of The Epic and The Funky." D Numbers likes to turn Sound into Fun. Recording and layering loops live in front of the audience, D Numbers strives to Provide a Joyride.


D Numbers is the life's work of three close friends who live in Santa Fe, NM.  D Numbers' broad range of influences and long process of group development have led to a complex and unique hybrid of instrumental rock and electronica.  Their powerful live shows have earned them a diverse and loyal following and their new album, ONDA has them poised to step into the international limelight.

The magic of D Numbers' live performances is in the real-time reorganization of analog sounds from live instruments into intricate webs of loops, samples and digital bliss.  D Numbers creates multilayered compositions rich in texture and depth as the audience watches them bob and sway in sync;  stomping on pedals and lunging for knobs and faders,  all the while locked in to a solid groove.  Exploring a wide range of feels and tonalities that range from melancholy ambience to experimental rock to muscular indie-dance,  D Numbers sounds a little bit like a lot of things but ultimately like nothing you've ever heard.

http://www.dnumbers.com (our website)
http://www.viceverse.org (our spring tour leading to mutek)
http://www.vimeo.com/90900887 (a crazy animated video of our song ghost talk)
http://www.flypmedia.com/issues/21/#9/1 (an online feature on D Numbers)


Onda 2010
Lightparade 2007