Do 1 Productions

Do 1 Productions

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip Hop

Do 1 Productions features some of the hottest young rappers Detroit has to offer, backed by one of Detroit's hottest new producers. Do 1's instrumentals are innovative, and varied. Do 1 is coming out of left field. It's time to change the game.


Do 1 is an avid music lover, influenced by artists from Sly Stone, to Alice In Chains, and everything in between. Therefore, my musical style is nothing like the usual songs you will hear.

I took hip hop and wrapped R&B, Jazz, Rock, and Funk around it. This keeps my artists lyrically challenged by the music. Bigg Tazz, and FeNali are definitely up for the challenge.

Do 1's hip hop music is very dramatic, a funky beat, accented by heavy bass, strong rhythm, and beautiful strings.

Do 1's smooth jazz and r&b beats, feature beautiful piano chords, funky brass, and a smooth sound. The tracks can stand alone as is, or make a nice home for lyrics.

Core Music, Scorpionpoly Studios, and other independent labels have expressed interest in various music I have produced.


Do 1's music has been featured on Fox SPEED channel, BET, and was heavily featured during the show Sports/Rap on WMYD channel 20 in Detroit. Do 1's music was also featured in the Independent film Snuffin Zombies.

Set List

The set list is 6 or more tracks, at 30 minutes a set at the least. The set list varies.