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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fan Quote-Warren from Missouri"

"(Dobson Hall) You guys rawk my face off!!!"

Warren from Missouri - My Space

"Fan Quote-Thomas from North Dakota"

"Some nights, as I lay deep in the dungeon of my own despair, I remember that Dobson Hall exists, and it makes my suffering that much more enjoyable."

Thomas from North Dakota - My Space

"Fan Quote-Rosey from Kansas"

"...touches my inner soul. Keep up the amazing work boys!!!"

Rosey from Kansas - My Space

"Fan Quote-Ty from Oklahoma"

"I LOVED watching you guys let go and jam!"

Ty from Oklahoma - My Space

"Paul Van Sickle, morning show host on KCWJ 1030 The Light"

"You rock my world!"

Paul Van Sickle, morning show host on KCWJ 1030 The Light - My Space

"Tim Reid-Keyboards and vocals with 56 Hope Road"

...listened to the opening band, which is also one of those "plusses" I previously mentioned. A very interesting group of Kansas City musicians, ranging widely in music and life experiences, but full of excitement and motivation to make some unique original music happen together. I feel like I can relate to that. Anyway, the band is Dobson Hall, from Kansas City, and I was a bit inspired by the music they made. I just like hearing music that a lot of creative time and thought has gone into – and these guys certainly gave that impression. - MySpace Blog

"Kris Myers-Drummer with Umphrey's McGee"

...really have a great sense of time and feel. Very clear and concise...Keep up the good work!

- MySpace Comment

"BeatOven Productions"

Great show last night! Looking forward to working with you again soon. - MySpace Comment

"Cyndee Lee Rule-Philadelphia New Age Violinist"

GREAT music...!!! Any plans on coming to the east coast? - MySpace Comment

"James Musser-Peaceland Guitar Ring"

Nice music! Keep Rockin'! You guys are Jammin'! - MySpace Comment


Dobson Hall's studio recordings:

"Tell All"-2.29.2008 release date-Westport Records

All of Dobson Hall's performances are recorded in order to preserve the art of the Jam. We have available at present the following live recordings:

Live @ The Edge-Olathe, Kansas-4.26.2006
YAM JAM II-Belton, Missouri-6.2.2006
June Java Jam-Lee's Summit, Missouri-6.24.2006
August Java Jam-Lee's Summit, Missouri-8.17.2006
August Java Jam II-Lee's Summit, Missouri-8.18.2006
YAM JAM III-Belton, Missouri-8.25.2006
Live @ The Edge...Again-Olathe, Kansas-8.30.2006
September Java Jam-Lee's Summit, Missouri-9.21.2006
September Java Jam II-Lee's Summit, Missouri-9.22.2006
One Spirit Jam-Raytown, Missouri-10.14.2006
Spook Jam-Lee's Summit, Missouri-10.26.2006
Turkey Jam-Lee's Summit, Missouri-11.16.2006
Men of Valor-Olathe, Kansas-1.27.2007
MNU Chapel-Olathe, Kansas-4.10.2007
Project: Homeless-Olathe, Kansas-4.16.2007
MNU Art Fest-Olathe, Kansas-4.19.2007
Joel Ptacek Farewell Concert 2007-Olathe, Kansas-5.3.2007
Jazzhaus-Lawrence, Kansas-6.16.2007
CommUnity Peace Festival-Eldridge, Missouri-6.24.2007



DOBSON HALL, a progressive rock jam band out of Kansas City, was founded in October of 2004. Their early beginnings was a three piece gathering. J J Cantrell, Josh Hankey , and Ashley Thompson. What started as a casual pick up group to play at university functions, resulted planting seeds of creativity for something more. But the seeds needed more water and nutrients.

By fall of 2005, the musical tastes of the trio required more musicians to acquire the sound that they were seeking. Enter Joel Ptacek (replaced by Joey Shald in June of 2007) and Dan York. One more member was added in January of 2006, Michael Christian Gabriel. JJ decided the beefiness of the sound was pursuable. The group danced around and people cheered for miles.

With the musicians now assembled, with a new found sense of direction and organization of the bands mission in place, Dobson Hall began the process of writing original music, with lyrics that reflects the band's desire to spread love into the world in a progressive sound that tastes the flavors of improvisation as well as a complex song structure.

Dobson Hall's members varied musical experiences brings a huge number of influences to their music. Genres such as: jam band, progressive rock, rock, reggae, metal, country, pop, contemporary Christian, classical, neo-classical, swing, bebop, funk, jazz rock, surf, primus, folk, and punk are a few of the styles that you will experience at a Dobson Hall show. The band's music motto is, "It's not a matter of style as much as a matter of taste and just what sounds good."

Many of Dobson Hall's listeners are amazed at what they hear. They try hard to categorize the band, but always seem to fall short in describing what they just experienced and enjoyed. Dobson Hall has been liken to "The Grateful Dead with horns" and "The Bare Naked Ladies meets Chicago's horns".

All this being said... It is a music that will expand the range of a whole genre. The purveyors of good sound stand to gain from this band.