Dallas, Texas, USA
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In Texas, the gangsta/balla style of music reigns supreme. But in the underground where lyricism and creativity run rampant, Strange holds it down with a hustler's tongue and the mind of a true-school veteran.


In 1988 Donny "STRANGE" Sanders was overwhelmed by what many have called the "Golden Age" of hip hop. Def Jam was releasing
classic after classic as was Texas indy powerhouse Rap-A-Lot. Being a young impressionable lad, he started rhyming and battling other kids consumed by the artform that had finally trickled down to Texas.
Fast forward to 1992. Upon graduating high school, STRANGE enrolled into the University of North Texas with a UIL speech/drama scholarship and became a founding member of the Cooperative of Black Filmakers. He hosted a public access rap video show (Just Loungin') on NTTV and featured on the OakCliff Assassin LP "A Hit on the Hitman."
Teaming up with childhood friend Byron "B-Down" Lacy in 1995, STRANGE started freestyling on B-Down's mix cd's and created a buzz in the North Texas area. Performing at parks and nite-clubs help hone STRANGE's rhyme skills and in 2000 "Rhyme Like This" was released in parts of North Texas and southern Oklahoma. 103.9 FM in Wichita Falls, TX has played the singles "Yet & Still", "Back at the Bar" and "SweeTtooth" on Battle of the Beats and after dominating the radio competition received regular rotation between 7 & 11 pm.
Strange creates music that takes the southern style of hip hop to new levels.
Inspired by 70's film/music,Rakim,Krs-One,David Bowie, Bun-B of UGK,Prince,Donald Goines and E-40, the uncanny Doc STRANGE is a performer that must be seen and heard and not merely described in words.

UPDATE: STRANGE  continues to make an impact in the DFW Metroplex.  He is a member of the multimedia company ABLOS, who is responsible for the cult YouTube series "TrapHouse the Show".  He has a number of releases now available on Spotify and Soundcloud.  Producer/rap artist/writer/director/majordomo.


Rhyme Like This (2001)-available on Soundcloud
007 (2003)-compilation sold exclusively at shows, now available on Podomatic
Aggravated Weight (2014)-available on Soundcloud

Gorilla Braudcast (2008)-available on Soundcloud

Skoolboyhustlertoo! (2015)-available on Spotify and Soundcloud

Sindrome (2016)-available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and

Set List

A Strange show is 20 to 45 minutes of intense rhyme & turntablism. Drunken One and B-Down wreck the 1's & 2's and Strange provides verbal gymnastics.
A projection show is provided to complete the audio/visual spectacle.