Doc has an emotional intensity backed by strong vocal and lyrical phrasing. His voice is distinct and radio ready! Doc has captivated many rooms with his live performances. He is able to convey the ups and downs of his own life and connect intimately with his audience.


Doc's music is straight from the heart. He's been compared to many top artists. John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Jeff Buckley, Jason Mraz, Duncan Shiek, Jack Johnson. What sets him apart is that he has his own voice. His songwriting is what brings the comparisons to other top acts but his voice is his own. Doc will admit that Jeff Buckley is his greatest vocal influence but also believes that they are worlds apart. He feels honored to be compared to these performers and believes he will be just as successful:)


Doc is currently recording his first home! It's a wonderful experience.

Set List

Originals...1 hour
Covers...2 hours
3 sets with 2 20-25 min breaks