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Swimming Hole

Written By: Doc Bache

Swimming Hole

On a sunny green field along Browntown road
There was a grove of cottonwoods around a swimming hole
Every summer it called Me, Danny, and Joe

We'd take turns watching out for moccasins
We'd climb the overhang tree and dive right in
Try back flips and belly flops again and again

If that got old we hunted turtles and frogs
See if we could skip rocks out to the thingamabob
Or maybe lay back and feel the sun soak in

The cost of admission, was a four day sunburn
Year after year you'd think we'd learn
To take some Coppertone or wear t-shirts

Sometimes a stagnant smell down on the west end
Where the beaver dammed up the creek again
We could hear him slap the water every now and then

The honeysuckle vines growing on the fence
The one they put up to keep us from getting in
Sure tasted sweet, coming and going again

Looking back thirty odd summers ago
Seeing us there in that swimming hole
Man, where'd those good times go)

Hands Don't Shake

Written By: Doc Bache

Hands Don’t Shake

My hands don't shake when I pull the trigger
The emptiness inside just keeps getting bigger
Still I try

To see the good out there on the other side
Of the armored glass, as I pass by
Ungrateful eyes

I hear them say it keeps getting better
I think maybe they should put it in a letter
To Allen's wife

A taste of home from a cardboard box
Some of Dad's beef jerky and a Copenhagen log
Much obliged

Another four months and I'll be home
I won't have to smell the sand and dust anymore
It'll be all right
Still, there's not much left inside

My hands don't shake when I pull the trigger
The hole inside just keeps getting bigger
My hands don't shake when I pull the trigger
I try and try...)

Hear Sun Shine

Written By: Doc Bache

Hear Sun Shine

Sitting on the porch watching cars go by
Rocking in his chair he slips back in time
And remembers the first time heard the sun shine

The rain was choking the frogs on highway 301
Three straight days with out a drop of sun
Red 68 Buick stuck, in the South Georgia mud

Her soaking wet cotton dress was holding on for dear life
He knew then and there he'd just met his wife
Then she looked at him, and he heard the sun shine

He dropped her off at her house where she lived alone
Went to town and paid a wrecker to bring her car home
Played it off like it was no big deal

My friends call me Sam, he said gushing
Mine call me Pauline she said blushing
Then she played off, the home cooked meal

They couldn't stop smiling on their first date
The smell of Pork chops was all he left on his plate
He thought his eyes would die of thirst, if she disappeared

Holding hands on the porch watching cars go by
Smiling at each other just to hear the sun shine
And let time pass by

Sixty seven years later as the cars drive by
The screen door opens and she steps outside
And still catches his eye

And as they smile at each other, you can hear the sun shine