Doc Baker

Doc Baker


This original music doesn't follow a template for writing. It's positive country Americana with a message. The voice is smooth, rich, haunting and extremely unique with stories influenced by growing up in the Mississippi Delta.


Growing up in the Mississippi Delta gave him a picture of a cross section of humanity that changed dramatically over his lifetime. His song Ol' Son describes the influence an old blind black man had in changing his attitude about racism. Ol' Son won in the songwriter's showcase for a Better World category in Winfield, Kansas at the Walnut Valley Festival. Singing on stage and live on the radio at
Winfield amongst so many musically talented peers is an honor.
A self taught guitarist Doc has developed his own style of music. The love of the outdoors and rural upbringing has heavily influenced this veterinarian turned singer songwriter's songs. You can feel his heart and soul in each song of his accurately titled CD Simple Things.

Set List

2- 45 minutes sets
my songs mixed with old cover songs