Thomas "Doc" Grauzer

Thomas "Doc" Grauzer

 Austin, Texas, USA

Traditional Celtic harp music of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Medieval and Renaissance tunes with storytelling and historical anecdotes gratuitously thrown in. Available for weddings, parties special events of all descriptions and general merriment! I am also available to teach.

Band Press

Catherine L. Tully – Celtic MP3s Music Magazine

A recent reviewer, Catherine L. Tully, had this to say about my recent release, "Infernal Harp Racket!"

"The harp music on this CD is peaceful enough to soothe even the most savage of beasts. This is truly a relaxing compilation of songs, and expertly played. While bad harp music can make you think along the lines of bad Christmas music, good harp music can lift your mood and settle your troubles down. Grauzer does just that with his gentle, musical touch.
Historically, the harp has been associated most often with the aristocracy, but its otherworldly sound has given it a wide appeal over the years. Unlike the bagpipes, which can be an acquired taste for some, the harp has many admirers. Grauzer's CD is the perfect music to set the stage for unwinding from a difficult day or for a romantic candlelit dinner for two. The dreamy playing will transport you.
Good musicians can make playing an instrument seem and sound easy, and that is the case with this CD. With the music of the harp solo, with nothing else to distract one's ear, you wouldn't miss it if the musicianship was off. Luckily, this is not ever a concern on this effort, and Grauzer plays effortlessly throughout the songs, a testament to his skill. If you like the harp, don't miss this CD.