Doc Holliday
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Doc Holliday

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




"Hammer Records"

Doc Holiday roared into stage like a bull in heat and preceded to play what i can only describe as psychedelic metal. Some very doomy sludge metal tunes along with some amazing speed riffing from the guitar. The female bass player was entranced in the music and pounded her bass like it was her bf. Very System of A Down vocals with lots of awesome effects to really pull it through the mix. Tight band, tight sound. Huge! - James Weeks


"Two Bits" Single- January 2011
Production/ Mixing in Vancouver, mastered at Digital Underdog Toronto Canada
Release: March 2011

"Bad Ivory" EP- November 20- December 01 2011
Recorded in Portland Oregon USA. Production/ Mixing/ Mastering Kris Crummett
Interlace Audio
Release: TBA



From the rainy city of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada; an alternative, progressively heavy rock band entitled Doc Holliday is illuminating the grey. Artists with roots stretching as far as Ontario, Prince George, and Los Angles construct its puzzle, and for this four piece a turn in the wrong direction would take them to the right place.

The members of Doc Holliday began playing together in late 2008 in their former band, Western Medicine, which saw success playing locally and touring around Western Canada. WM stumbled upon each other through various ad postings in the newspaper/web. However in October 2010 the group made the difficult decision to disband with four of the members forming what is now Doc Holliday. Doc Holliday’s intention is to create original, authentic music and that goal has been achieved through long hours of experimentation and a dedication to a rigorous practice schedule. Each member bringing their varying and unique styles to the project creating a truly collaborative effort, and one they all feel great about.

It was treated as a completely different entity, with a new name, new songs, new attitude, and new inspirations. Early 2011 saw the release of their first demo, a fast and heavy, “punch-you-in-the-face”, song entitled “Two Bits” recorded with Rick Welin at Clark Drive Studios in Vancouver, BC. With the completion of “Two Bits” the song caught the ears of Dave Thompson of Digital Underdog Studios based in Toronto, Ontario CA, where he mixed and mastered the track. In the following months DH played local shows and focused on writing, which was a welcome break from the constant touring in their previous project, gearing up for the eventual recording of their first EP.

Preproduction began at Nimbus Recording School summer of 2011 with a few students in the Production program. During this time DH reached out to Kris Crummett of Interlace Audio based in Portland Oregon, in hopes that he would mix/ master the tracks. After receiving “Two Bits” Kris invited the four piece to stay and record their upcoming EP at his studio in Portland. Kris is affiliated with Rise Records and has worked with artists linked to Epitaph, Doghouse and many other international record companies. Now with a hard date in site DH had three months of preparation before their trip to Interlace in late November 2011. Besides their van breaking down south bound I5 and arriving a day late the band was able to complete 4 songs counting in at over 30 minutes of music in an intensely short ten days. Working with an amazing producer, Kris was able to keep all things on task and extracted the best performances from each member. The albums progressive writing takes the listener on a journey of high intensity, intertwined guitars with floating melodies which complete the soundscape. A truly artistic effort, DH is very proud of “Bad Ivory” and is extremely excited for its independent release.

With a proper release date pending, DH has continued to write and is currently booking shows for spring/ summer 2012.