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Doc Jazz


Doc Jazz is not your usual one-man band ... have you ever seen a surgeon who produces his own music from scratch, not only composing the songs, but also singing them, playing all the (real) instruments, recording them and publishing them?


Doc Jazz is a Palestinian in the Netherlands who, being a multi-instrumentalist on piano, guitar, bass and drums, writes and records his own songs, next to being a full-time surgeon.

With regards to the style of music, it varies too much in style to be caught in one genre. Most of his songs have a jazzy feel, but some of his songs are rap, some are rock, some are piano ballads; even reggae and blues are included in the repertoire. Though most of the songs have English lyrics, some songs are in Dutch, and some in Arabic.

Recently, one of Doc Jazz's songs was used in a well-known television quiz called "National News Quiz", where his song about Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende, was used for two quiz questions.


Running Out of Time

Written By: Doc Jazz

Dont ask me when it all went wrong
I know it was some time ago
Dont ask me why its been so long
These are the things that I just dont know

We've been living here and whats out of sight
Goes out of mind
Even wrong and right
Becomes so hard
When you're running out of time

Dont ask me bout those crazy freaks
They been messing up for so long
Dont ask me why I try to speak out
By writing these heartfelt songs

I dont want the things that are out of sight
To go out of mind
Because wrong and right
Never change but now we're running out of time

Lets work together
We're running out of time
It's now or never
We're running out of time
Through stormy weather
We're standing side by side
Its a great endeavour
But we gotta start now
Cause we're almost
Running out of time


Dont ask me why they break the rules
They think that time is on their side
Dont ask me why they think we're fools
Maybe their eyes been blinded by their pride

The Wall must Fall

Written By: Doc Jazz

1. Time flies
When you're having fun
Anyone who's been there can tell

But as days pass
Things are being done
And the story becomes harder to sell

If crime pays
Business is a boom
Your corporate devils soaring up high

But their violent ways
Are starting to consume
The fabric of the parachute
That keeps them in the sky

Even while you build your walls
Your self-conception is false
This land will never be yours

Cause the more hatred you cause
The more youll grieve for the loss
when the Apartheid wall falls

2. War games
Are what you know so well
Do you really think it works out to last

Fire and flames
Can make a living hell
But they'll never serve to fix up your past

do you know what it means
or do you think its something meant to avoid

But u must face
The inevitable scene
Your Apartheid wall is gonna be
Eventually destroyed

Power of Illusion

Written By: Doc Jazz

We live in a complicated world
Nature obscured by human meddling
No wonder its pains are left unheard
But that doesnt make it less unsettling

Bridge 1:
Dont we deserve to know whats really going on
Lets separate the truth from the lies

should we fall for digital confusion
dont we stop the media delusion
dont let the power of illusion be
Lets break free

They say what you see is what you get
But that isnt always true these days
If seeing is believing be prepared
Youre being lured into that crazy maze

Bridge 2:
Dont we deserve to know whats really going on
Lets separate the truth from the lies
Cause we
Wanna stop the curtain of deceit from being drawn
and closing up in front of our eyes

When those in the seats of power speak
We'll keep on trying to clear the fog
Now we know what tricks are up their sleeves
No way that the tail will wag the dog


Dreams (2001)
The Musical Intifadah (2003)
Nee Tegen De Muur (2003)
Creative Resistance (2004)
Wederpop (2004)

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Currently, Doc Jazz has limited himself to studio recording.