Doc Scanlon Trio

Doc Scanlon Trio


The Doc Scanlon Trio has dazzled audiences and dancers with their red-hot styles of the '20's through the '40's swing as well as rhythm and blues, acoustic and country music. Make sure to wear your dancin' shoes!


The Doc Scanlon Trio (Doc, Don & Dan) plays hot swing jazz of the 1920's through the 1940's with occasional forays into rhythm & blues, country music and acoustic 1950's & 60's acoustic rock. Their song list includes the great standards of Gershwin, Berlin & Porter as well as the hot jazz of Django Reinhardt, Fats Waller and Benny Goodman. If the occasion calls for it, they also will play the western swing of bob wills, Hank Williams and Asleep at the Wheel or the acoustic rock & roll of Elvis, Chuck Berry and Van Morrison. This is a versatile trio with a big sound, red hot solos and tight three part harmony vocals. They are well known and respected in their home area of New York for their versatility, talent, humor and hot licks. They are equally adept at a club show, a concert setting or a dance. Doc Scanlon has had a band for more than 25 years which has traveled up and down the East Coast of the US to great acclaim, as well as completing two tours that have taken him to Russia, and Finland's prestigious Pori Jazz Festival. In the USA he has strong followings in Boston, Massachusetts, Washington, DC and in his home area of Albany, New York. Doc Scanlon will be playing bass and singing lead vocals on material that ranges from Fats Waller to early Bing Crosby to Jump Blues classics. Joining Doc on guitar will be Don Young, a multi-talented guitarist-vocalist who can play anything from Django style to Chuck Berry as well as being a killer singer. The icing on the cake will be clarinetist Dan Levinson, one of the acknowledged masters of his instrument. Dan has and continues to tour worldwide doing his recreations of Benny Goodman, and the influences of early Jazz from Jelly Roll Morton to Artie Shaw are always apparent to the discerning ear. Dan has also been known to pick up the tenor saxophone and fire out some ripping rhythm and blues.


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