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The Face of Righteousness1, the artist formerly known as Docta Peppa, whose real name is Kerland Brown, is a rapper, hip hop and reggae singer, songwriter and music producer.


“My spiritual connection with my music is the origin of the depths of my over standing, it is simple, effective and as close to perfection as possible; my intention is to perform a thorough job within the international music market towards global recognition.”

Twenty eight years old Sagittarian / Capricorn, “The Face of Righteousness1” hails from Rose Hill district in St. Mary, noted that the message he has, must become an individual promise and a token to his audience, with the development of his debut album, he feels that dedication to the music is instrumental for good, clean, conscious vibes as it speaks it’s own “language of life”. “My mood coincide with the changes of life, and as an entertainer, by performance, it must be an art and a science. The methodology of delivering my performance must be an orchestrated one, not void, but filled with audience expectation that will eventually bring forth satisfaction”.

The Righteousness1 has been busy behind the scenes working with some of the best in the reggae music industry. His catalogue includes Merciless, Tanya Stephens, Lukey D, Tony Curtis, Roundhead and Leroy Sibbles. Through out all producing, arranging, performing, working, he still finds time to write songs for other artist. Righteousness1 had the honor of sharing stage with the likes of, Tanya Stephens, Charlie Chaplin, Half Pint, Brigadier Jerry and Capleton the fireman, Chuck Fender, Pinchers and many more. Righteousness1 has been making a name for himself in his home town of Toronto with some blazing performances at Jamaica day, Cameron house, All white affair, Culture fest, Town Talk restaurant and bar, Notorious, Club mirage to name a few, “I am here for the people and I will always give them their money’s worth and more” says a focused and determined Righteousness1.


Gonna Be A Star

Written By: Kerland Brown


Righteous muss buss in god I trust
I put him fuss (1st) yeah ehh yeah
Whole world gots to know exactly how I flow
New youth from Toronto and this is how it goes

One day I’m gonna be a star
Shining all so bright
My name gonna be in the spotlight
People love my music from all walks of life
Even though nothing not going on so far one day righteous gonna be a star
Now I’m walking one day I’ll be driving
Ain’t no diving I’m just surviving
I’m just organizing and devising my plan
That’s one day gonna make me a rich man
Financial freedom is something I dream of
But it’s something that I rarely speak of
Hit rock bottom and there’s no one around
So I guess I gotta do it on my own
I’m not gonna sit down and take it negative
Because righteousness has nuff life to live
Whole heap of blessings to give to all my relative
So progressive always seeking knowledge
Got determination and god on my team
So it’s not impossible to achieve my dream
Righteousness say

Verse 2
I pick up my bible read a psalm to keep me calm
Life is messed up but it still goes on
How much my life has changed since my son was born
Lots of my bad habits just pack up and gone
In times like these I have to go down on my knees
Ask the most I protect me from my enemies
Ask him to guide me give me the strength I need
Certain things I’ve been through really makes my heart bleed
But I keep going on ain’t no giving up
Times of suffixation I’ve had enough
Time to start living financially secure
I’m ready for my share I don’t want nothing more


Verse 3
I got bills to pay and no money in my pocket
I sit down and wonder how I’m gonna make it
Turn to the most I he said righteous don’t sweat it
All who fight against you gonna live to regret it
Just make sure your foundation is solid when you set it
At first not matter how people may take it
One day this world will have to accept it
They’re gonna respect it and start to select it
When that happens that means you’re hitting the main stream
Collecting the green everybody wants to be on your team
Lots of human being not going to live clean
Beware of them because they’re always on the scene

Verse 4
I don’t know about you but I got plans
Only two hands soon millions of fans
Me and my bands touring distant lands
For truth and rights righteousness take a stance
Hypocritical backstabbers giving you one last chance
If you mess it then you can’t advance
So consider this your last dance
I will not allow you to distract me
I will fight against those who try to attack me
Some try flopping me but the most I back me
I’m gonna be a star you can stand there and watch me
I’ve done my work it’s time to collect my prize
No matter what the shape or size
In these time artist spiting pure irrelevant rhymes
Every song they do committing musical crimes
But one day, one day righteousness says



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Set List

1. Gonna Be A Star
2. We Can't Get No Where
3. My Faith
4. Starting All Over
5. Most High
6. Never Did I
7. Doing My Thing