Chicago, Illinois, USA

How many women, (or men for that matter) , do you know who can ROCK the CubbyBear Chicago ALONE?? Whether playing one of Chicago's dirtiest dives or one of it's finest music venues...count on ONE thing...Passion and quality...DOCTARYN gives it her all!!! This is someone to watch!


Playing & fascinated with music since 3 years of age, from Piano to Guitar, Taryn DeCicco is primarily self taught. She began writing instrumentals from age 23 on for films. indie theatre, websites, commercials and more. Most recently, "DOCTARYN" is quickly making a name for herself in the Indie Alternative Rock community of Chicago by writing and performing hits like: "Be The One", "Give Me A Hint", and "Hell Hath No Fury" which have already been picked up by some major indie stations & music blogs across the country and delighting listeners with her unique, raw outstanding sound and diverse tracks. A TRUE artist, DOCTARYN writes and performs intensely and honestly about what she knows about, the full gamut of human experience and this connects her in a rare way with her fans and audiences. Despite her candor, the listener is always left with an uplifting message of hope.


Give Me A Hint

Written By: Taryn DeCicco/DOCTARYN


Hell Hath No Fury

Written By: DOCTARYN aka Taryn DeCicco


ALL is Gone

Written By: Taryn DeCicco aka DOCTARYN


Be The One

Written By: Taryn DeCicco DOCTARYN 2011

Another night I'm so Tired of Searching
I can't remember what it is I need,
loneliness is the road that I travel,
Where in hell can you be?
Reaching out I try to make a connection
Though it's clear, that it's just not meant to be...
Going home back to my isolation but what do I do with the fire in me?
Ohhh Oh be my only one...ohhh ohh be the one
Be the One...
One more day that I'm just feeling bitter
The Pain I'm feeling just pushed me aside
Another day that I know I don't fit in
I just don't know where to hide..
Reaching out I try to remember
When it was that I last felt alive...
Yes I know that I'm dead on the surface,
Don't know how I've survived...
Ohhh Ohhh be my only one....Oh Oh
Be the one...Be the One...
IS that you...are you the one?
How about him...nope didn't think so
how about you? who is he?
Where are you?
Be the one
ohhh be the one
why can't you be the one?
why won't you be the one?
why can't you be the one..
the one I love?


Getting set to release "Conundrum" her debut album. She is hard at work on her second release, "War Stories" is already in production, as well as a collection of her instrumentals. Her entire catalogue has been picked up by several indie and college radio stations across the country., she was recently chosen as a featured artist for Top Acoustic Songs! Her cover of Dream On by Aerosmith was featured by Rightsflow and has been played on radio throughout the entire globe. Features in Sir Magazine and Neufuture will appear this summer 2011.